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TO: Dr. Dale Doty
SUBJECT: Special Meal Approval Request
In accordance with PPM 49, S 1509, I am requesting permission to serve in
connection with a River Parishes Community College sponsored meeting or event. Every effort was
made to ensure that costs remained reasonable and no alcohol charges will be included. Proper
bid procedures were followed, where necessary. The quote for this meal is attached, including menu
items. Details of this meeting are as follows:
Date and Time:
Name of Function or Event:
Location of Event: _____________________________________________________________
Attendees: ___________________________________________________________________
Total Cost:
Per Person Cost:
Name of Restaurant or Caterer:
Additional Costs:
The purpose of this lunch meeting is
I understand that a sign-in sheet must be attached to the request to pay for this meal, as well as all
original receipts and this approval letter.
Chancellor Date