TO: All New Employees
FROM: Rebecca L. Vipperman
HR Manager
SUBJECT: Retirement Plan Enrollment
PEBA Retirement Benefits requires all election decisions to be made electronically. The Personnel
Office will submit all new employee information into the PEBA Retirement Benefits website and
an email will be sent to the address you enter below. You must elect membership with either the
South Carolina Retirement System or with the Optional Retirement Plan within 31 days of your
hire date. If you miss the 31-day deadline, you will be defaulted into the South Carolina
Retirement System.
Please provide the required information below in order for the enrollment process to begin. Sign
and date the memo and return to the Personnel Office no later than your first day of work.
Name (Print):
Birth Date:
__________________ (mm/dd/yyyy)
Phone #:
Email Address:
Current Hire Date:
I understand that I must make a selection within 31 days of my hire date or I will be defaulted
into the South Carolina Retirement System. I also understand that South Carolina Retirement
System membership is irrevocable until I terminate employment.
____________________________________ ____________________
Signature Date
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