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TNTAP Checklist for Motor Carrier
Use this checklist to gather the information you’ll need before creating a TNTAP username and
1. ID Type (FEIN, SSN, ITIN):
An ID type is the entity ID you have used to previously file taxes or register for motor
carrier registrations in Tennessee. The ID you provide must match the Department’s
records in order to give you access to the account.
ID types include:
o Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) This is a 9-digit number provided
to you by the Internal Revenue Service.
o Social Security Number (SSN) Only provide this ID type if you have previously
provided your SSN to the Department of Revenue.
o Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) This is a number issued by the
Internal Revenue Service to individuals who do not have a SSN.
2. Legal Business Name:
Your legal business name may or may not be the same as your “doing business as”
(DBA) name, depending on how you registered your business.
If your business is a sole proprietorship, your legal name will be your first and last
3. Email Address:
4. Phone Number:
5. Account Information:
Use the box on the next page to help you gather the appropriate account information.
Vehicle Services Division · 500 Deaderick Street · Nashville, TN
37242 Tel (615) 399-4265 ·
Account Type
Account Number
Zip Code
Authorization Info
Example: IFTA
IFTA Account #:
IFTA Account Zip:
Last IFTA Payment:
Account Type: Select a motor carrier account that you currently hold with
Tennessee (IRP, IFTA, or Intrastate).
Account Number: Select the account number that corresponds to the account type
selected. You have used this number when filling out documents for renewals,
supplements, or tax filings to motor carrier or in the MoVRS system.
IRP Accounts: Your account number on TNTAP will be your account number and
fleet number used in MVS.
Example: MVS: 12345 002 TNTAP: 12345002
Zip Code: Select the zip code that corresponds to the account type selected.
Authorization Info: There are three forms of authorization information you can
choose to verify your account.
1. A payment amount from the last three payments you made to this account. If
the last three payments were $0, you cannot use this option.
2. A letter ID. A letter will be mailed to you in June. The ID is located in the top
right hand corner of your letter.
3. Number validation. If you do not have a payment amount or a letter ID, use
numbers associated with the account. For IFTA, use “total miles” reported on
your IFTA last tax return. For IRP, give a VIN number for a vehicle that is
active on the account.
Once you have gathered this information, you are ready to create a TNTAP logon. Motor
Carrier accounts can be added to your TNTAP logon at the end of May 2018. At that time, go to
to create your TNTAP logon.