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COVID-19: TN Emergency Allotments Approval
Tuesday, March 24, 2020 12:56:51 PM
SERO Team,
Please consider this FNS’ approval of Tennessee’s attached request to issue Emergency Allotments
(EA) to all ongoing SNAP households in the State of Tennessee.
This approval will allow the State to issue EA to ongoing SNAP households for April and May
2020, increasing their current monthly allotment up to the maximum monthly allotment for a
household of that size. Ongoing SNAP households that already receive the maximum monthly
allotment for their household size are not eligible for EA. All EA will be delivered on ongoing
SNAP households’ EBT cards.
Please ask the State to confirm receipt and REPLY ALL, upon notice of the State’s confirmation of
receipt. We would also ask the State to alert any contacts they may have in the retailer community
of the emergency issuance and its timing, so stores can stock up in preparation.
Thanks, and please let us know if you have any questions.
Andrea Gold
Director| Retailer and Issuance Policy| SNAP
USDA | Food and Nutrition Service
1320 Braddock Place| Room 518 | Alexandria| VA| 22314
TN EmergencyAllotmentsWaiver.pdf
Request to Provide Emergency Allotments (Supplements) to SNAP Households
1. Type of Request: Initial
2. Primary Citation: Families First Coronavirus Response Act
3. State [specify]:
4. Proposed Alternative Procedures:
The State proposes to provide an emergency allotment to address temporary food
needs to households to bring all households up to the maximum benefit due to
pandemic related economic conditions for up to 2 months. Contingent upon the
availability of funding and ongoing need, USDA may approve additional months of
emergency issuance with an extension request from the State.
These households are eligible for temporary emergency allotments because:
There is a public health emergency declared by the Secretary of Health and
Human Services and there is a State-wide emergency or disaster declaration
(copy attached); and
Due to Covid-19 [check all that apply]:
Residents of the State are confirmed to have contracted Covid-19
Some or all areas of the State are containment or quarantine zones
Businesses have closed or significantly reduced their hours
The State’s residents have experienced economic impacts due to job
suspensions or losses
The State’s residents have been directed to practice social distancing
Issuing Emergency Allotments to Current SNAP Households:
Supplemental emergency allotments would be issued in the following manner:
In March, 2020
On a single date [specify]: ________
Over a series of days as follows: ________________
Staggered as follows: ___________________________
Other [please explain]:___________________________
In subsequent months, emergency allotments should be provided in accordance with
the State’s regular issuance schedule. If a State wants to use a different schedule,
The State may provide the emergency allotment(s) without contacting the
household. While individual notification is not required, States should notify clients
consistent with SNAP requirements for mass changes, including notice that
emergency allotments will be issued for up to 2 months. Should this schedule
change and additional months are approved during the public health emergency, the
State will provide a subsequent mass change notice at that time.
Other Requirements: [If applicable, STATE SHOULD ADDRESS ANY OTHER
All emergency allotments will be delivered on the household’s EBT card.
The State’s SNAP agency also agrees to complete the FNS-292 on a timely basis in
accordance with requirements as well as all other normally recurring SNAP reporting
included the FNS 46 and 388 reports, on a timely basis in accordance with
In addition, The State agency will submit weekly reports to FNS with the following
information for the entire State:
We will issue April and May 2020
Tennessee utilizes a staggered regular issuance schedule (Day 1-Day 20).
Emergency allotments will be issued on the same day as the customer's regular issuance.
The value of EA issued.
The average issuance amount per household.
The number of households issued EA
Justification for Request: Coronavirus COVID-19, as provided by the Families
First Coronavirus Response Act.
5. Affected Caseload:
One month estimates for existing SNAP households under these procedures:
Number of households receiving emergency allotments benefits: ________
Amount of emergency allotment benefits issued for one month: $ _________
Number of months requested (2 month limit) ________________
USDA reserves the right to withdraw or otherwise modify this approval subject to
availability of funding
6. Anticipated Implementation Date:
7. Signature and Title of Requesting State Agency Official:
Print Name and Title
8. Date of Request:
2 months
Lisa A. Cowell, Program Director 4
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