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TIG Milestone Reporting Checklist
TIG # ____________ PERIOD ____
1. LOGIN to LSC Grants (
2. SELECT appropriate Payment Number, under TIG Milestone Reporting
CLICK on the TIG# beside earliest Incomplete Payment Number
3. INPUT your report into Grantee Response box
Report in Grantee Response box, not in attachments
Even 1-2 pages, copy into response box. Essential information must be in this box
Please note: No formatting
Plain text only. Approach this like you would Notepad. Bullets, Numbered Lists, Tables,
Bold/Italics/Underlining, Highlighting, Icons and Pictures placed into this box will be lost
Upload graphics separately.
State Milestone Complete
Example: “Milestone complete. It was completed on X Date. It was done by John Doe and
Jane Doe."
Address all Milestone Requirements
Many Milestones require that you accomplish multiple tasks. Grantees must report that they
have completed all of these activities. LSC cannot pay a grantee until it knows all requirements
are complete.
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Report How completed
If your milestone involves developing document assembly interviews, devote a paragraph to
describe the process for completing the interviews (explicitly say they were done)
Mention Uploads in report
- List all documents at end of each report: “Documents ABC, XYZ attached.”
- In report, indicate and explain why a document is being included
- Example: ".... The end result of these efforts was the launch of 15 A2J interviews…. A full
list of developed interviews is attached to this milestone."
Contact TIG if you have any questions
If reasons out of your control keep you from submitting on time, contact TIG about a deadline
extension, milestone or budget adjustment
4. UPLOAD attachments
Always CLICK at bottom of form before uploading files
Title all attachments
Within each document, please type a Title that corresponds to its purpose in the report
Example: “Milestone 1: Attendance List and Minutes from 8/8/10 Meeting”
CLICK Select document
There is a separate Upload File button for each corresponding Milestone number.
Don’t upload them all under Milestone 1, or they will be received out of order.
Repeat for each upload
This shows you what your complete milestone report will look like to LSC
- Is everything there?
- Does everything look right?
- Does my report reference all attachments?
- Are attachments clearly labeled?
Return to LSC Grants, periodStatus” should say Complete