It is important that you understand that attendance on your course is required in order to succeed academically.
As a student registered with BPP University in addition to being subject to UKVI Tier 4 regulations you are subject to
BPP University General Academic Regulations (GARs) and Manual of Policies and Procedures (MOPPs), in which you
will also find the Student Discipline Policy. Persistent non-attendance may be considered a disciplinary issue. You will
find copies of these documents on the Student Association website and on the Student Portal (under Registry and Stu-
dent Support).
Please read the below points and understand that it is your responsibility to do the following:
1. Attendance You are required to attend all of your classes
o Poor attendance requires us to report you to the UKVI leading to you being withdrawn from your course and your
visa will be curtailed. As per Home Office regulations under our Sponsorship Duties (page 66, section E) if you
miss 10 consecutive contact points without authorisation we are required to report this.
o When applying for additional visas with BPP, poor attendance will result in our rejection of a new CAS request
2. Registers It is your responsibility to ensure you have signed the register and have been recorded as attended.
o Do NOT get someone else to sign in for you to do so is considered fraudulent and is a disciplinary offence
which will be dealt with under the Student Discipline Policy/GARs.
o If you do not sign the Register yourself, or have your attendance recorded on the day of the class, you will be
recorded as absent.
o If your name does not appear on the register you are responsible for notifying a member of staff immediately to
ensure your attendance is logged correctly.
3. Absence - Inform your Programme Support Officer/Personal Tutor in advance for any periods of absence.
o If we are advised and have approved the absence, your record will be updated accordingly. If we are not
advised, then an absence will be recorded.
o If you are sick and unable to attend, please tell us within 24 hours of the illness. You will be required to complete
and have approved an ‘Absence Certificate’. For longer illness we can only approve 3 weeks absence otherwise
an Interruption of Studies will be required.
o For illness over 3 days a doctor’s note will be required as evidence. We advise you register with a doctor (GP).
4. Holiday These should only be taken outside of term time or as determined by your timetable.
o We are required by the UKVI to monitor your attendance. We will not permit holidays during term time.
o If you require a long period of absence over 3 weeks, you will have to apply for an Interruption of Study. If, you
are granted an Interruption of Study you will be expected to return home and apply for a new visa when you are
ready to resume your studies with us.
5. Working - Studying and attending your course dates come first, any form of employed work is secondary. Non-
attendance due to working is not acceptable. The main purpose of the Tier 4 visa is to study.
o Working in excess of the number of hours given on your visa represents an offence and may lead to your
deportation. If we are notified that you have been breaching the conditions of your visa we are required to pass
this information onto the UKVI.
6. Progression You must make academic progress.
o If you fail any part of your course for a third time, your enrolment with BPP University may be terminated, and
you may fail the programme and we will withdraw your sponsorship with the UKVI. Your visa will no longer be
7. Study Location Once a CAS number has been issued, no further changes to study location are permitted.
8. Your Contact details You are required to keep all of your contact details with us up to date which includes
changes to your address, phone number and email address. This is a UKVI requirement.
By signing the below you are confirming that you understand the attendance policy above and the
consequences of non-attendance.
A copy of this document can be found on the Student Portal in the Registry and Student Support section, University Regulations
and P
Please send the completed form back to OnlineRegistration@bpp.com.
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