TPT 553 A (02/06/2019)
Purpose: The forms listed below may be downloaded from our website at Go to “Forms” and use the “Search/
Filter” for “Forms and Publications” to locate the necessary forms.
Instructions: Send completed application(s) to the Department of Motor Vehicles, Commercial Licensing Work Center,
Room #519, 2300 West Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia 23220.
A completed Third Party Tester Certification (TPT 553).
Submit application(s) for each examiner (TPT 554). Must have at least one certified third party examiner in his/her employ.
A signed Third Party Tester Agreement (TPT 555).
A Third Party Tester Certification of Skills Test Routes (TPT 550).
Note: See TPT 550I for instructions on completing the skills test route form for primary and secondary route.
A $5000 Surety Bond (TPT 566).
Note: This requirement only applies to non-governmental businesses. Third Party Testers that are governmental entities such as
school systems, military bases, state colleges, and government transit companies, will not be required to maintain a surety bond.
A completed Application for Extranet Transaction Access (US 531 E/ER).
A $25 application fee (for non-governmental businesses).
A $65 fee for each RSA SecurID Token, which is the hardware needed in order to transmit test results securely using the our
Extranet program. We recommend that the contact person and one other designated person other than an examiner (such as the
Secretary or Office Manager) be issued an RSA SecurID Token to submit information to DMV.
Evaluation by the Department
The Department will evaluate the materials submitted by the third party tester applicant. If the application materials are satisfactory, the
Department will schedule an onsite inspection of the training range to complete the evaluation process.
Submit a completed Third Party Tester Examiner Certification Application (TPT 554).
Submit a national criminal records check (FBI Record). Please see the additional information below.
Possess a valid Virginia Commercial Driver's License with the classification and endorsements required for operation of the class and
type of commercial motor vehicle used in skills tests to be conducted by the examiner.
Within three years prior to application, have had no driver's license suspensions, revocations, or disqualifications;
At the time of application, have no more than six demerit points on his/her driving record and not be on probation under the Virginia
Driver Improvement Program.
If the examiner is employed by a school board, provide a copy of certification issued by the Virginia Department of Education for a
school bus training instructor.
National Criminal Records Check (FBI Record)
A FBI record is required for each examiner at the time of application. Records can be requested from the website of the Federal Bureau of
Investigation (FBI) at or call (304) 625-5590.
Evaluation by the Department
The Department will evaluate the materials submitted by the third party examiner applicant as well as the applicant's driving record. If the
application materials and driving record are satisfactory, the Department will schedule the applicant for third party examiner training.
Training may be waived if the applicant is seeking recertification only because he has changed employers.