Committee Chair Signature: ______PRINTED NAME
__DATE: ____________
This form is to be completed by the committee chair(s) verifying that all requirements specified during the oral defense have been
met and that the thesis or dissertation is in its final form and ready for publishing.
This form must be emailed to by the committee chair. THIS FORM WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED IF SUMBITTED BY THE STUDENT.
The chair should provide the student with a copy to assist with answering the four (4) questions below during electronic submission of the
final thesis/dissertation to ProQuest.
Receipt of this form by the Graduate College and submission of the final electronic version of the thesis or dissertation to
ProQuest/UMI via the Graduate College website are part of degree requirements.
I verify that ______________________________________ ________________________
Candidate’s Name NAU ID Number
has met all specified requirements during the oral defense and that the thesis or dissertation is in its final form and ready for
submission to the ProQuest.
By checking this box, I verify I have electronically signed and approve this document.
To be completed by the Committee Chair (or designee) in consultation with candidate: Your thesis/dissertation will be deposited with
ProQuest Dissertations, where it will be available to readers with a subscription. It will also be deposited in OpenKnowledge@NAU
making it open access and freely accessible. If you choose not to accept the OpenKnowledge@NAU agreement or choose an embargo,
metadata (title, abstract, etc.) will still be made visible. These options must be chosen during the upload process to ProQuest.
Please complete 1-4
. O
pen Access Options: _______
Deposit with OpenKnowledge@NAU (no charge)
_______Additional fee to make your thesis/dissertation open access via ProQuest’s delivery platform.
2. Choose an Embargo period to temporarily prevent access to your thesis or dissertation on either ProQuest or
OpenKnowledge@NAU. The student is responsible for renewing the embargo with both ProQuest and
Please check one: ______None ______One year ______Two years
3. Copyright Registration: ______Student self-registers copyright ______
Student registers copyright via ProQuest
4. Bound Copies: Department/Committee requires #____bound copies through ProQuest. _______No bound copies required.
Open Access Publishing: Open access (OA) is when a book, article, thesis or dissertation is provided digitally, online, free-of-charge, and free of
most copyright and licensing restrictions. Making publications open access ensures the widest distribution, and thus increases the chances that the
research will be used and cited by others, rather than requiring a purchase or subscription to gain access. NAU’s Open Access option,
OpenKnowledge@NAU, is free of charge and provides long-term storage and free public access. If you wish to make your work open access within
the ProQuest delivery platform as well, a fee will be applied by ProQuest.
Embargo: If your thesis or dissertation contains patentable, publishable, or sensitive material, you may wish to prevent access temporarily
(called an embargo). See the FAQ and the ProQuest guidelines on selecting an embargo period. The student is responsible for renewing an
embargo by contacting the administrator at OpenKnowledge@NAU ( and ProQuest (
Copyright Registration: All documents are protected by copyright. However, copyright registration with the US Office of Copyright provides
more formal protection against usage infringements. ProQuest can register your copyright for a fee. You may also self-register your copyright
at http:
Bound Copies: Please check with your department regarding its policy on bound copies for the department and/or committee chair(s). There
is a cost associated with bound copies. If your committee chair(s) and/or department require bound copies, you will be responsible for
ensuring that the copies are made and physically delivered.
Revised: 7/01/2020