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Expires 30 June 2021
Explosives Act 2012 Explosives Regulations 2012
Part 1
WorkSafe Tasmania
PO Box 56, Rosny Park, TAS 7018
Phone: (in Tasmania)1300 366 322; (outside Tasmania) - 03 6166 4600; Fax 03 6173 0206
Email: Website
Department of Justice
Applicant Details
Name (if Corporation Responsible Adult Name)
Postal Address
Post Code Phone Mobile Phone
Alternate Responsible Adult Phone
Mobile Phone
Shot-Firer permit details (Pyrotechician)
Shot-Firer Name
Shot-Firer Permit Number
Phone Mobile Phone Name of Fireworks Supplier
Names of persons assisting in display
Display Details (include detail of theatrical fireworks, purpose, dates, duration)
Event Name
Display dates
Display Locations Post Code
Landowners Consent
Owner of the site at the display location, hereby consent to the proposed fireworks display being conducted.
Land Owners Name
Yes No
If ‘No’, the landowner must complete the following
Are you the Land Owner?
Display times
Type of fireworks
Note: The Secretary may refuse an application if not satisfied that the purpose for the display does not correspond substantially to the
approved purposes as outlined in Schedule 6.
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Expires 30 June 2021
Site Plan - See Part 2 for additional guidance
Must include the following:
• Firing location/s
• Separation distances (in line with Manufacturers instructions)
• Location of audience and performers
• Location of theatrical fireworks devices
• Location of fire fighting equipment
(Please ensure information and plan is accurate and legible)
For multiple displays or multiple site owners please provide additional information
I hereby state that the information I have detailed in this application, to the best of my ability, is true and correct in relation to the proposed
Theatrical Fireworks display.
I agree to be bound by any conditions that may be included in the Theatrical Fireworks Display Permit and the safety obligations of the
Explosives Act 2012.
Declaration by applicant
Applicant Name
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Expires 30 June 2021
Standard operating procedures (SOPs) must be prepared by the Shotfirer/Authorised person and adopted by all personnel, this Part
describes the main elements expected for a SOP and can be used as a guide. The completed SOP must be provided to Workplace Standards
prior to the display.
Standard Operating Procedure must include the following:
Venue inspection prior to display
• Site plan
• Fire prevention requirements – including appointment of a fire marshall
• Emergency plan
Transport compliance
• Storage compliance
• Set up of fireworks - including firing box and circuit testing
• Display details
• Cooling off process
• Post display notification where required (incidents and/or accidents)
Please Note: Where building fire alarms are monitored by Tas Fire Service please make sure they are notified of display
details on:
Southern Region Office Phone: (03) 6230 8600
Northern Region Office Phone: (03) 6336 5633
North West Region Office Phone: (03) 6434 6700
Details of the Shotfirer/Authorised Person’s competence and experience will need to be included.
Guidance for the SOP should be obtained from a recognised Code of Practice such as the West Australian Code of Practice
for Theatrical Fireworks, that Code can be accessed at:
NOTE: Only commercially manufactured theatrical fireworks may be used (i.e. manufactured products intended for indoor
use). Theatrical fireworks must be supplied with instructions for use including their performance characteristics (e.g.
duration and size of effect). All theatrical fireworks must be purchased from people licensed to supply explosives. With the
exception of an appropriately licensed operator preparing flash powder, it is illegal for any person to manufacture their own
theatrical fireworks without a licence to manufacture explosives
Personal information we collect from you will be used by the Regulator (WorkSafe Tasmania) for dangerous goods/dangerous substances
licensing purposes and may be used for other purposes permitted by the Explosives Act 2012 and associated laws. Failure to provide this
information may result in your application being denied or records not being properly maintained. Your personal information may be
disclosed to contractors and agents of WorkSafe Tasmania, law enforcement agencies, courts and other public sector bodies or organisations
authorised to collect it. This information will be managed in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act 2004 and may be accessed
by you on request to this Department. You may be charged a fee for this service.
Credit Card Payment
Credit Card Number
Phone number
Amount Paid $
Cardholder's Name
Expiry date (mm/yy)
VisaMaster Card
• Complete all details required in Part 1.
• Standard Operating Procedures as outlined in Part 2 must be prepared for each display and adopted by all personnel.
• Submit application no less than 21 days prior to display date.
How to lodge this Application
• Email to
• Send to PO Box 56, Rosny Park TAS 7018 or
At any Service Tasmania Outlet
• Payment of $81.00 fee is required. This payment should accompany the application.
Please Note:
A person must not use Type 2 or Theatrical Fireworks except as authorised by a fireworks display permit.
Part 2
Payment: Make cheque/money order payable to WorkSafe Tasmania
Credit Card: Please charge $81.00 to my credit card for Application of a Theatrical Fireworks permit