(MA - athletic training, exercise physiology, sport administration)
Date of Application ______________________
Personal Information:
Name _______________________________________ ______ _________________________________
Last First M PID Number (for office use only)
Current Mailing Address _____________________________Until ______________ Phone ____________
City State Zip
Email address______________________________
Permanent Mailing Address _____________________________________________ Phone ____________
State Zip
of Birth _________________ Please indicate the year you wish to enter: Fall of __________ (year)
Academic Information:
Name of Undergraduate College ______________________________ Degree/Major ___________________
Grade Point Average (all undergraduate work completed; 4-point scale): __________
Grade Point Average (last two years): __________
Graduate Record Examination Scores: Date Taken: _______________
_______ Verbal Aptitude _______ Quantitative Aptitude _______ Writing Aptitude _______ TOEFL
Specialization Selection:
Please read the information on the website describing the Master of Arts degree program and the
departmental specializations carefully before making your selection of the specialization to which you are
applying (apply to only one):
Check (X) one of the specializations listed below.
_____ Athletic Training _____ Exercise Physiology _____ Sport Administration
_____ Dual Degree in Law and Sport Administration (must apply to the law school separately)
Each graduate student offered admission is eligible to apply for an assistantship which provides a stipend,
waiver of tuition, and free health insurance. Assistantships in Athletic Training and Sport Administration require
teaching of sport skills classes to undergraduates and significant specialization related duties in the Athletics
Department. Assistantships in Exercise Physiology may be in the areas of sport skills teaching or the several
wellness and fitness programs listed below.
Dual degree candidates are not eligible for assistantships.
Please check (X) all assistantships (and fill out separate applications) in which you have an interest.
Exercise physiology applicants may rate choices as 1
choice, 2
choice, 3rd choice, etc.
Yes Choice
____ ____ Teaching assistantship (all specializations)
Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Vaccination Policy:
Hepatitis B immunization is required of all graduate students who participate in clinical and/or laboratory
activities, (athletic training and exercise physiology specializations), unless contraindicated upon physician’s
advice. It is required that students complete the HBV three vaccination series prior to the first day of graduate
Ideal candidates for the program would have a foundation in exercise and sport science. This foundation can be
demonstrated through course work and field experiences in the respective specialization areas: athletic training,
exercise physiology, recreation administration or sport administration. Interested candidates should go to the
following website for additional information: or if you have questions concerning
background requirements or prerequisites please contact the respective specialization coordinator
(see below).
Qualified applicants must have completed a statistics or research and statistics course to establish a foundation
for graduate level work in research and statistics. Please specify the statistics or research and statistics course
that meets this prerequisite.
Course Number: _______________
Course Title: _____________________________________________________________________________
Semester/Year Taken: ______________________
Name of Coordinators for each specialization
Athletic Training Dr. William Prentice
Exercise Physiology Dr. Claudio Battaglini
Sport Administration Barbara Osborne, J.D.
Please upload this application to your Graduate School application under “Supplemental Documents”.
Enrolled students may be reviewing or commenting on all or portions of the application
materials. The enrolled students who participate in the admissions process will sign a
Statement of Confidentiality which indicates that they will not discuss or reveal any
information about the applicant’s file under any circumstances with anyone outside the
Admissions Committee.