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Scholarship Application
Name of
Applicant: _____________________________________________
First Middle Last
Student ID No.: ______________________
Address: _____________________________________________
No & Street City State Zip
Phone No. or Cell Phone No.: __________________________
E-mail address: ________________________________________
Gender: Male Female
Name of school and department you are now attending:
Erie Community College Erie Community College
Hospitality Mgt. Dept. Hospitality Mgt. Dept.
6205 Main Street 121 Ellicott Street
Williamsville, NY 14221-7095 Buffalo, NY 14209
Program: (Please check one.)
Hotel Restaurant Mgt.
Culinary Arts
Baking & Pastry Arts
Expected date of graduation:
Check off the year you are applying for a Statler Foundation
Junior Senior
List the extra-curricular or work activity you feel has contributed
the most to your development (i.e. Community fundraising):
Please provide your personal background, interests, etc. (not more
than 300 words) to include:
1. How did you become interested in the hospitality field
(i.e. work experiences, family business)?
2. What do you consider key components for success in the
hospitality industry (i.e. loyalty)? Explain.
you expect financial assistance from your family? (Please
check one.)
Yes No
Do you expect to receive any financial aid, scholarships, or grants
from other private or public sources? If so, please list below,
together with amounts.
If financial assistance is available pursuant to the foregoing, how
much of the total tuition can you assume? Please state the amount
in dollars.
Two (2) letters of recommendation are required from responsible
citizens attesting to your character and integrity (E.C.C. faculty
and current E.C.C. students excluded). These should be attached
to the copy of the on-line Scholarship Application you submit to
Mrs. Ann Childs, Secretary, Erie Community College, Hospitality
Management Dept./North Campus, Room S150.
If you are mailing your Scholarship Application (with attached
recommendation letters), please use the following address:
Mrs. Ann Childs
Department Secretary
Hospitality Management Dept./North Campus
Erie Community College
6205 Main Street
Williamsville, NY 14221-7095
Scholarship Applications must be submitted by designated due
date -
Fall semester last Tuesday in October
Spring semester last Tuesday in February
Late applications will not be accepted.
Partial and/or altered forms will be considered incomplete.