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I am applying with the goal of obtaining a PhD a MS in Cellular Biology.
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Haini Cai. epigenetics of cell and
developmental biology; chromatin and nuclear
organization in gene regulation
Roberto Docampo. metabolic pathways of
trypanosomatids and malaria parasites
Scott Dougan. developmental biology;
molecular control of cell fate specification and
morphogenesis in the zebrafish
Drew Etheridge. Toxoplasma's strategies to
manipulate host immunity
Mark Farmer. protistan evolution; cellular
evolution; endosymbiosis
Jacek Gaertig. molecular cell biology of the
cytoskeleton; molecular genetics of ciliates
Daichi Kamiyama. morphogenesis in the
Drosophila central nervous system; single-neuron
genetics; super-resolution microscopy techniques
Edward Kipreos. cellular biology; molecular
genetics; regulation of cell division in the model
nematode C. elegans
Kimberley Klonowski. immunology;
lymphocyte migration
Samarchith Kurup. mechanism of natural and
aquired immunity to liver-stage malaria
Dennis Kyle. drug discovery for malaria and
brain-eating amoebae; antimilarial resistance
James Lauderdale. developmental
neurobiology; molecular genetic mechanisms of
vertebrate eye and forebrain development
How did you learn about our program?
Please indicate Cellular Biology faculty members you might be particularly interested to work for your thesis
research (you can find detailed descriptions of programs at
Karl Lechtreck. cell biology of cilia; cilia-related
diseases; intracellular transport
Kojo Mensa-Wilmot. Discovery chemical
biology of transferrin endocytosis mechanisms;
mitochondrial genome inheritance in
trypanosomatids; drug discovery
Silvia Moreno. biochemical studies of
Toxoplasma gondii; identification of differences in
signaling & metabolism between host and parasite
Vasant Muralidharan. molecular and cellular
biology of human malaria parasite Plasmodium
falciparum; protein transport and export pathways,
metabolism, drug development
Shannon Quinn. biomedical imaging and large
graph mining in public health applications
Rachel Roberts-Galbraith. molecular and
cellular basis of neural regeneration in planarians
Cordula Schulz. tissue replenishment from
stem cells; Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor; germ
cell tumor, stem cell self-renewal, Drosophila
Ping Shen. neurobiology; molecular genetics;
molecular and neural basis for motivation, choice-
making, stress and social response in Drosophila
Julie Stanton. use of metacognition to enhance
student learning in biology
Rick Tarleton. immunoparasitology; immunity
to Trypanosoma cruzi and Chagas disease; vaccine
Nadja Zeltner. modeling disease of peripheral
nervous system using human pluripotent stem cells
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