2020-21 Student Marital/Tax Filing Status
Student ID Number: S
Student Name: Phone Number:
Your 2020-2021 FAFSA application has been identified by the Department of Education for
potentially containing conflicting information between your Marital Status and your Tax Filing
Status. You are required to resolve this conflicting information before your financial aid
application can be processed. We may require additional information from you AND you may be
required to amend your federal tax return.
Please verify the following information.
1. As of the date the FAFSA was completed, what was your marital status:
Never married
Married or remarried (Date of marriage: )
Divorced or separated (Date of divorce or separation: )
Widowed (Date widowed: )
2. For the 2018 tax year, what was the your Tax Filing Status:
Head of household
Married-filed joint return
Married-filed separate return
Qualifying widow(er)
Did not file
3. If your marital status does not match your 2018 tax filing status, explain why:
By signing this document, I certify that the information is complete, true and
accurate. I understand that purposely providing false or misleading information
could result in criminal prosecution, a prison sentence, and/or a fine pursuant
to U.S. Criminal Code and Colorado Criminal Code.
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