Name: ____________________________________ Semester/Year: ____________________________________
1. What is the most significant growth area for you this semester? How do you know? What evidence have you
chosen to depict that?
2. What is an example of significant student learning growth? What evidence have you chosen to depict that? What
specifically contributed to that growth? What teaching strategies were used?
3. What types of assessment strategies were utilized over the course of the semester?
4. What was the most helpful aspect of our teacher education program? Why?
5. What one aspect do you recommend for improvement to our program? Why?
6. What courses did you specifically note as providing helpful preparation for teaching?
7. What clinicals were the most helpful in preparing you for teacher candidacy?
8. What subject area is under-represented in liberal arts studies outside of education courses?
9. What did you learn about education that was unique to the school/district in which you taught?
10. Classroom Management - How would you assess your preparedness for managing a classroom of students?
11. What advice would you suggest to the School of Education regarding improvement of classroom management skills?
12. How pr
epared ar
e you to meet the literacy requirements for state and national requirements?
Scale 1-6. (lowhigh) Explain
13. How prepared are you to meet the subject area standards for state and national requirements?
Scale 1-6 (lowhigh) Explain
14. What other insights do you have to offer that could improve our program? What are we currently doing that should
be continued?
15. Of the 10 WLC Teacher Standards, which one do you feel represents the area in which you grew the most? Which
one represents the weakest area of growth? Explain each.
16. What additional question should we have asked? Answer it.
17. Other Comments: