Teacher Candidate ____________________________________ Date ____________________________
Please read the statements about your teacher candidate and use the symbols to show your opinion about the statement.
Mark your response with an X in the box that best shows how you feel about the statement. Note:
In some cases
students may need assistance in completing/reading this survey. Please return this form to the teacher candidate.
Agree Disagree
Note B: If read orally, substitute the teacher candidate’s name.
1. My teacher candidate knows what he/she is teaching.
2. My teacher candidate answers my questions when I don’t understand
3. My teacher candidate teaches lessons that make me think
4. My teacher candidate told me why it is important to learn what he/she
is teaching.
5. My teacher candidate teaches lessons that are interesting
6. My teacher candidate uses different things to teach like movies, t.v.,
computers, and smart boards.
7. My teacher candidate cared about me
8. My teacher candidate treats everyone the same
The best thing about my teacher candidate is:
One thing I think my teacher candidate can do better is: