TCC Foundation
Outside Scholarship Committee
Scholarship Award Request
Outside scholarship awarding committees must submit a scholarship nomination form for each selected recipient. Upon
receipt of a nomination form funds will be verified and you will receive an email notification of approval status. This form is
only for use by individuals who are authorized to award the TCC Foundation scholarships listed below.
Scholarship recipients selected by an awarding committee outside of Tallahassee Community College must complete and
submit the online TCC Scholarship Registration Application (not required for GED students). This application will be
emailed to the recipeint upon award approval.
Please submit form to: TCC Foundation
Date ____/ _____/ ______
Requestor Name _______________________________
Organization/Company ______________________________ Position/Title _____________________
Email Address _____________________________ Phone # (_____) ______ - _________
Capital City Bank Associate
Gadsden Chamber
Jeanie Barnett
Mary Nicholson Refuge House
State Securities
TLH Chamber
TLH Civic Chorale
TLH Housing Authority
First Name ________________________ Last Name __________________________
TCC Student ID or Last 4 SSN _____________________
Email Address __________________________ Phone # (____) ______ - ________
Awarding Semester Fall Spring Summer
Awarding Year ________
Enrolled Course:
Award Type:
Book Award GED Tuition
TABE Test GED Test
TCC Foundation Approved
Material Type: Book Digital (TCCF Use Only)
Award Amount: $________ (TCCF Use Only)
Section: _________
March 2019
(Book Awards Only)
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