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Gates Book Scholarship Award Nomination
TCC Gates Scholarship Committee:
To nominate a student for a Gates Book Scholarship award from your TCC division, please follow the
instructions below for completing this form. All award nominations must be submitted in order for students
to receive their award. Selected recipients will be notified and will receive their award through the TCC
online scholarship process.
Please submit to:
TCC Staff Name __________________________ Date _____/ _____/ ______
Behavioral Social Sciences & Education
Health Care Professions
Transitional Studies
Business, Industry & Technology
Communications & Humanities
En Science & Math
Awarding Semester Fall Spring Summer Awarding Year ___________
First Name _______________________ Last Name ________________________
TCC Student ID ___________________
1. Verify your TCC division available awarding balance
2. Click the link to access the TCC campus online bookstore
a. Select Books from the menu bar
b. Shop by Course
c. Program select Tallahassee Community College
d. Select awarding Term
e. Select Course Code
f. Select Course #
g. Select Section
h. Click Submit
i. Include the price for each buying option below
The Gates Book Scholarship is for purchases ONLY and does not apply to textbooks rentals.
Please be sure to discuss with the student being award the type of material best suited for their need.
Students who select the textbook preference will receive used materials unless unavailable.
Course Title ____________________________ Course Id ___ _______ Ref Num_________
Student Preference Textbook
Price $____________
Price $____________
Buy Used
Buy New
Price $____________
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