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SORNA Tribal Training and Program Assistance Request Form
Support can be provided in a variety of ways in order to best serve your needs. Typical methods of assistance have been
arranged through onsite assistance, utilizing conference calls or webinar technology, peer-to-peer support as well as
onsite support with training and community outreach events.
Contact Information
First Name Last Name
Preferred Email Business Email
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Organization/Tribe Address Information
Organization/Tribe Name
Job Title
Organization Address
City State Postal Code
Training and Technical Assistance Request Information
Onsite training and program assistance may be subject to the Office of Justice Programs conference approval process
requiring a 90 day approval process.
Please select from the list below, areas you would like to request for training and/or program assistance:
SORNA Basics
Public education & tribal buy-in, history and development of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006
and the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA)
Needs assessment and strategic planning, including the development of a coordinating multi-disciplinary team
New employee(s): where to start and/or take over the program from a former staff member
Assistance with the development and preparation of a substantial implementation package
Form development, including the use of sample documents (e.g., sex offender registration form)
Policies and procedures development/review
Code development/review
Registration process
SORNA Implementation
Sex offender absconder investigations
Registration safety considerations and strategies
Tiering of offenders
Email ( or Fax (920.831.5400) completed forms to Jason Sterling Page 1 of 2
Tribe and Territory Sex Offender Registry System (TTSORS) / SORNA Exchange Portal
Coordinating DNA collection and submission to CODIS
Coordinating fingerprint/palm print collection and submission to IAFIS
Coordinating connection for NCIC/NSOR submission
SORNA Tribal Training and Program Assistance Request Form
Please select from the list below, areas you would like to request for training and/or program assistance:
SORNA Sustainability
Comprehensive Approaches to Sex Offender Management (CASOM) includes: research supported sex offender
treatment, supervision, reentry, and registration and notification practices
Reentry options and services
Multi-disciplinary team development, collaboration, and enhancement
Monitoring and evaluating the SORNA Program, and applying data collected to enhance the program
Maintaining program buy-in and support through staff transitions
Tribal strategic planning and sustainability
Tribal, federal, state and local relationship building, including the development of MOUs/MOAs, intergovernmental
agreements, and/or cooperative agreements
Community notification and public education
Collaborative sexual violence prevention programs
State your overall objective for this training/program assistance; what are you trying to
Provide your justification; specify your needs. (attach additional pages if needed)
Who will attend and/or be involved with the program assistance?
What date(s) would you like to request for the training/program assistance?
Do you have a facility available to host the training/program assistance if necessary? If so, please
list the address, city, state, and postal code.
Additional information/background you would like to provide for consideration.
If your training/program assistance request is fulfilled, you will be responsible for submitting an evaluation report to FVTC, within 3 months of
the completed training/program assistance. By submitting this form you are acknowledging this term and will abide to the conditions.
Email ( or Fax (920.831.5400) completed forms to Jason Sterling Page 2 of 2
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