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Stall Boarding Contract
This Stall Boarding Contract (Contract”) is made and entered into by and between Texas A&M
University–Commerce, a member of the Texas A&M University System, an Agency of the State
of Texas (“A&MCommerce”) and __________________________________________
(“Owner of horse(s)”). A&MCommerce agrees to accept Owner’s horse(s), listed below:
_______________________________________________________________ (the “Horse(s)”),
for boarding at ____________________________ (The “Facility”); and, it is the plan and
intention of Student/Owner to board the Horse at the Facility. For and in consideration of the
terms set forth herein, Student/Owner and A&M Commerce mutually agree as follows:
1) Fees, Term, and Location. Owner acknowledges and accepts those terms set forth in the
rate schedule applicable on the date above as issued by Stable, whether said rates are
daily, weekly, or monthly. Payment shall be issued in accordance with that rate schedule
on a timely basis. Any charges not paid in a timely manner shall be subject to finance
charges set forth in the rate schedule. In the event the subject animal is removed from the
premises for any reason and returned, this agreement shall be deemed reinstated at rates
applicable at the time of said return. Stable reserves the right to notify Owner within
fifteen (15) days of the horse's arrival if the horse, in Stable's opinion is deemed to be
dangerous or undesirable for Stable's establishment. In such case, Owner shall be solely
responsible for removing the horse within seven (7) days of said notice and for all fees
incurred during the horse's presence upon the premises. This Contract shall be deemed
terminated and concluded upon the payment of all fees.
The Stall Boarding Fee (not applicable to Rodeo scholarship students) is due the first of
each month and shall be prorated for any period less than a full month. Stall Boarding
Fees not paid by the 5th of each month shall incur a late fee of $25 unless Student/Owner
arranges ahead of time for a different pay date. Failure to pay Stall Boarding Fees will
result in a forfeiture of the Deposit and may result in termination of this Contract. In the
event said payment is overdue by ten (10) days, the eviction process will begin as noted
in the Eviction ACUP.
2) Deposit. Upon execution of this Contract, Student/Owner shall pay a stall deposit
(“Deposit”) in the amount of $200 (Note: Rodeo students will pay for end of term clean-
up and repairs, if needed). Failure to pay all Stall Boarding Fees (as defined herein) or to
pay for damage to the Facility caused by Student/Owner or the Horse (including but not
limited to damage to the feeders, fences, gates, stalls or other equipment) shall result in
forfeiture of the Deposit. Failure to give 30 days’ notice prior to removal of horse shall
also result in forfeiture of the Deposit.
3) Changes or Termination of This Agreement. It is agreed by the parties that this
Agreement may be changed or terminated upon thirty (30) days’ notice regardless of the
rental period. All notices must be issued in writing and follow due process, unless
otherwise agreed upon by the parties. The posting of updated rate schedules in a
conspicuous, open place in Stable's office and a written notice to the Rodeo coach shall
constitute notice of any and all rate changes or regulation changes as may be deemed
appropriate by Stable.
4) Eviction Process. Students/Boarders shall be aware of the “Eviction Process” and will
receive verbal warnings and three written notices before eviction.
5) Liability. Liability is outlined in the Civil Practice and Remedies Code, Title 4. Liability
in Tort. Chapter 87. Liability Arising from Farm Animal Activities and Livestock Shows
6) Owner understands and acknowledges that A&M-Commerce facilities may not be used
for commercial purposes, such as training, lessons, or any other commercial services
7) Owner shall pay A&MCommerce or the Rodeo coach shall pay/transfer of funds to
A&M-Commerce for Rodeo scholarship students (via Manager or other authorized
representative) for boarding services, as described below, the fee set forth as follows:
Stall Boarding Options
Stall Boarding Fees
Stall with Self-Care
Stall and personal cubby in tack room
Access to arena during non-class/event
Access to wash rack
Access to turn out
Feed, hay, and shavings must be
purchased by student/owner
Horse must be cared for/fed/turned out by
Student ($220/month)
Equestrian/Rodeo Team Student
Faculty/Staff ($250/month)
Stall with Full Care:
Stall and personal cubby in tack room
Access to arena during non-class/event
Access to wash rack
Access to turn out
Feed, Hay, and Shavings provided by
Horse will be fed 2X daily by student
Horse will be turned out by student
Stall will be cleaned by student
8) For the Self Care (all Rodeo Students) option; Owner will be responsible for providing
hay and/or grain to the Horse daily. Owner/representative will observe their animals at
least twice daily and sign the daily documentation log book. Owner must buy their own
feed/hay to feed their Horse. The owner is also responsible for the Horse getting
adequate exercise (if available). Owner must be in compliance with the A&M
Commerce stall standards. The owner may be subject for hourly labor charges of
utilizing student workers should any of these necessities not be taken care by Owner.
A&M-Commerce may also terminate this Contract if any of these necessities are not
being taken care of by Owner. This should follow the procedures entailed in the AUP and
Eviction Process whereby there will be communication of both verbal and written
9) For the Full Care option, A&MCommerce personnel and/or student workers will
provide the Horse with hay and grain twice daily. For full board, the hay, grain, and
bedding shall be provided by TAMUC. Fresh bedding will be provided for those on Full
Care. The stall will be cleaned daily by student workers on Full Care options. A&M
Commerce personnel and/or student workers will allow the horse turnout time for
exercise, at owners discretion. A&MCommerce may also terminate this Contract if
Owner fails to provide the Horse with adequate turn out time or arena time (if available).
10) Owner will have access to a specific turnout area (if available) depending on where their
assigned stall is located. Stall Boarding Fees do not guarantee access to other parts of the
Facility. Owners will be allowed access to arenas only when no class or special event is
scheduled. The barn/arena lights will be turned off at 11:00 PM each evening.
11) Owner may store tack and feed on the premises of A&M-Commerce at no additional
charge. However, A&M-Commerce shall not be responsible for the theft, loss, damage or
disappearance of any tack or feed or other property stored at A&M-Commerce as same is
stored at the Owner's risk. Stable shall not be liable for the theft, loss, damage, or
disappearance of any tack or equipment taken to horse shows or clinics.
12) The Horse shall be free from infectious, contagious or transmissible disease. This should
follow the guidelines that are congruent with the Health/Vaccine records approved by the
13) Owner will arrange regular veterinarian and farrier attention. Furthermore, the Horse
must be maintained in good health. In the event of sickness and/or accident to the Horse,
after reasonable efforts have failed to contact Owner, efforts should be made to contact
the Rodeo coach, Farm Manager or Equine Supervisor in order to contact the owner. The
owner will have the first option to select the DVM to treat their horse. In the event the
Owner cannot ultimately be reached, the Owner hereby authorizes A&MCommerce to
contact a veterinarian of its choice to treat the Horse at Owner’s sole cost. A&M
Commerce will require the treating veterinarian to direct bill Owner and Owner will be
liable for all fees and costs incurred.
14) Owner shall comply with the “Rules of the Barn” attached hereto as Exhibit “B.
15) The term of this Contract shall commence on __________ and expire on __________,
unless terminated sooner pursuant to the terms herein (the “Term”).
16) This Contract is non-assignable and non-transferable.
17) One or more waivers of any covenant, term or condition of this Contract by either party
shall not be construed as a waiver of any subsequent breach of the same covenant, term
or condition.
18) This contract represents the entire agreement between the parties. No other agreements,
promises, or representations, verbal or implied, are included herein unless specifically
stated in this written agreement. This contract is made and entered into in the State of
Texas, and shall be enforced and interpreted in accordance with the laws of said State.
19) This Contract is made and entered into the State of Texas, and shall be enforced and
interpreted under the laws of this State. Venue for all claims filed against A&M
Commerce shall be in Hunt County, Texas.
Equine Supervisor Signature/Date
Farm Manager Signature/Date
Contract Administration Signature/Date
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3059 Hwy, Campbell, TEXAS 75422
Exhibit A - Information on Resident Horse
(Required for Each Horse)
Owner Information:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Horse Information:
Name: Color:
Does the Horse have any dangerous habits?
If yes, describe:
Preferred Veterinarian Information:
Office Phone:
Cell Phone (if known):
This horse IS IS NOT considered a surgical candidate in the event of serious illness/injury
Medical History of Horse:
Colic Frequency:
If yes, when?
Date of last de-worming:
Type Used:
Other medical information:
Allergies, if known:
Vaccination History:
Date Given
Encephalomyelitis (sleeping sickness), Eastern,
Western, & Venezuelan Strains
West Nile
Feeding Program (Full Care Only):
Emergency Contact Information (if owner cannot be reached):
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Insurance Information (if applicable):
Policy Number:
The above information is true and accurate to my knowledge:
Owner Signature Date
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3059 Hwy, Campbell, TEXAS 75422
Exhibit B Barn Rules
1) Staffed barn hours are 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Monday through Friday). Lights stay on until
11:00 PM.
2) Equine Center is closed after 10:00 PM, unless for horse related emergency.
3) Release and Liability waivers must be completed and signed prior to riding.
4) The “Barn Rules” will be monitored by the Rodeo coach, Farm Manager, Equine
Supervisor and/or appropriate faculty.
5) Instruction and Training of Barn Rules to the Rodeo students will be conducted at the
beginning of each semester by the Rodeo coach, Farm Manager, Equine Supervisor
and/or the appropriate faculty.
6) No turn out of unauthorized animals in arena.
7) Do not handle horses other than your own, unless granted with written permission.
8) Do not leave horses tied up and unsupervised.
9) Do not tie horse to arena panels at the equine center.
10) Stalls and surrounding areas will be kept clean; the student is expected to clean the stall
11) Water buckets shall be cleaned as needed and filled twice daily. They also shall be
disinfected bi-weekly with disinfectants such as appropriately diluted Roccal-D or
Roccal-D Plus or Generic equivalent.
12) Stall walls shall be cleaned and disinfected (Roccal-D) monthly, including between
residents. Stall wall cleaning must involve a brush and soap with diluted Roccal-D
disinfectant, followed 10 minutes later by a clean water rinse.
13) All stalls, feed rooms, and alleys will be kept clean. This includes holidays (if
applicable) and at the end of each semester.
14) All feed must be stored in a sealable container.
15) All personal items must be put in a locker or assigned tack room, with exception of
LOCKED grain bin and one (1) hay bale in front of the stall.
16) Clean up wash racks after each use. This means to spray any dirt off, any soap down the
drain, and pick up any manure. Roll up hose when finished.
17) Only used assigned stalls.
18) Students will be required to pay for any damages incurred to the facilities by the horse(s)
or the owner.
19) Stalls should be free of sharp or harmful objects that may injure the horse while white
noise is acceptable.
20) Horses must be fed daily.
21) Limit turnout time to 8 hours per day (if applicable). These pens are for turnout time, not
full time boarding.
22) No dogs or other pets are allowed at the arena or stall area.
23) No temporary pens may be set up without permission by the Equine Supervisor, Farm
Manager, Rodeo coach or appropriate faculty.
24) All riders must wear helmets
25) All riders must wear long pants while mounted with appropriate boots with heels.
26) Keep gates closed and latched.
27) Drive slowly and cautiously in driveway and barn yard.
28) Ride in designated areas only.
29) Use arena etiquette while riding in designated areas (pass on inside, left hand to left hand,
30) No unsafe or unhorseman-like behavior in the barn or arena.
31) Show respect to all Equine Center Employees.
32) If you get a written notice on your stall card, you have 24 hours (once appropriate
notification has been acknowledged) to correct the situation to your stall and/or trailer
area. If you do not correct the situation, you will lose your stall privileges, after due
process protocol according to the eviction process.
The barn and arena MUST always look nice. We always want to make a good first impression on
those coming out and keep things nice for future students. Please pick up after yourselves.
You will receive verbal warnings and three written notices before eviction.
Rules may be added and/or amended at any time at the discretion of TAMUC Farm and Rodeo
Management, yet written notices will be provided to the Rodeo coach/Equine Supervisor when
students are notified of said written notices. Notices will be placed in the equine office and be
posted at a conspicuous place at the rodeo barn facility. Any new rules or general notices will be
posted a minimum of 30 days in advance for initiation of the new rule.
Owner Signature Date