Sustainable Bonus Incentive Program
6-19 City of Lake Worth Beach / Department for Community Sustainability / Planning, Zoning, & Historic Preservation Division
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All development proposals seeking increased height above two stories, or additional FAR, as each may be
allowed in a zoning district, shall submit this Sustainable Bonus Incentive Program Application. The application
shall accompany the standard City of Lake Worth Universal Development Application for the development
Two hard copies and one electronic copy of the following materials are required in order for a Sustainable Bonus
Incentive Program Application to be deemed complete and sufficient to present to the decision making board.
The Sustainable Bonus Incentive calculations are based on the gross square footage of the bonus height or
intensity requested. The additional gross square footage amount is multiplied by $5 per square foot (“Value
Multiplier”) in order to determine the value of the additional improvements to be provided for the project.
1. Please indicate whether the development proposal includes bonus height or bonus intensity:
a. Bonus Height
i. No. of Additional Stories: (“Bonus Height”)
ii. Additional Gross Floor Area: (“Bonus Area”)
b. Bonus Intensity
i. Additional Floor Area Ratio: (“Bonus Intensity”)
ii. Additional Gross Floor Area: (“Bonus Area”)
2. Multiply the Bonus Area by the Value Multiplier to determine the value of required improvements.
a. square feet × $5 = $
Bonus Area Value of Required Improvements
3. Indicate the type and value of the community benefit proposed to qualify for the Bonus Area:
a. On-Site Features and Improvements; Value: $
b. Off-Site Features and Improvements; Value: $
c. Fee In Lieu; Amount: $
4. Attach to this application a separate sheet with a detailed description of the proposed improvement
and valuation of the same.