Revised 09/2018
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Sussex County Register of Wills
Extension Request Form
To be eligible to request an extension:
1. The personal representative or attorney of record must submit the request i
n writing.
2. If there are multiple personal representatives, ALL of them must sign the request.
3. According to 12 Del. C §
2301(c), we are not permitted to extend the filing date for an account
beyond six (6) months from the original due date.
NOTE: You will not be notified when your extension request is approved. To receive notification, please
include an extra copy of your request form, and a self-addressed, stamped envelope. If there is a
problem with your request, you will be contacted. PLEASE COMPLETE ALL ITEMS BELOW.
Name of Decedent: File #
Who is requesting the extension? Personal Representative Attorney
Name & Address of the requester(s) (please print):
Phone number of requester:
Attorney Law Firm (if applicable):
For what document are you requesting an extension?
Inventory Accounting Both Inventory & Accounting
Why do you need an
30 Days
60 Days
90 Days
Other (please specify):
Signature of Personal
Representative or Attorney for Estate
Signature of Co-Per
sonal Representative or Attorney for Estate
File #: ____________________________
Inventory/Accounting Due: ____________________________
Extend Due Date To: ____________________________
Please list the length of the extension you are requesting: