Natural Resources Management Department
2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way
Building A, Room 219
Viera, Florida 32940
Surface Water Protection Buffer Affidavit
Dear Owner and Contractor,
This letter serves to notify you that all native vegetation within the surface water protection
buffer falls within the jurisdiction of the Natural Resources Management Department. Alteration
of vegetation or the placement of fill within the surface water protection buffer is not allowed
without prior approval from Natural Resources and it is not allowed under this building permit.
Per Brevard County Code (BCC) Section 62-3668(4), the surface water protection buffer shall
be maintained in unaltered vegetation. The Removal of Native Vegetation is Not Permitted.
Hand removal of non-native invasive or other undesirable plants may be removed in
accordance with BCC Section 62-4334(4). Please note that the removal of existing native
vegetation for the replacement of non-native shall be Prohibited. Replanting vegetation within
the surface water protection buffer must either be native or those permitted per BCC Section
62-3666(7). Most types of lawn grasses or sod are not regarded as native vegetation. Any
violation of the surface water protection ordinance will result in a code enforcement case. Any
questions can be directed to our office at (321)633-2016. Fill out the information below. Then
sign to acknowledge you have read and understand this document.
Building Permit Number: _______________________________________________________
Site Address: _______________________________________City: ____________________
Surface Water Class
Class I (200ft)
Class II (50ft)
Outstanding Florida Waterbody & Aquatic Preserve (50ft)
Class III (25ft)
Man Made Canal (25ft)
Owner signature: ____________________________________________________________
Contractor Signature: _________________________________________________________