Supply Services Order Form
Complete and print this form and fax or mail it to Supply Services at Great-West Life.
To order employee booklets, identification cards, travel assistance cards, drug cards or personalized
forms, contact your Great-West Life customer service representative.
Email to:
Fax to: 519.451.6981
Mail to: Great-West Life Supply Services
670 Sovereign Street
London ON N5V 4K7
Company Name Group Plan No.
Requestor’s Name Phone Number
Address (where supplies should be shipped)
City Province Postal Code
Form Number Form name and/or description (card, booklet, brochure, etc.) Quantity
* Please use a separate page if more space is required.
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document without the express written consent of Great-West Life is strictly prohibited.
e.g. M6308
e.g. M6308(f)