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Supervisory Evaluation Form
(June 2020)
Supervisor’s name: ___________________________________ Department: _____________________
The following scale will be utilized for the assessment:
E-Exceeds Expectations M-Meets Expectations NI-Needs Improvement NA-Not Applicable
1. Have good communication skills when dealing with his/her own staff.
2. Encourages independent thought and expression for employees he/she supervises.
3. Gets along with and reacts to employees he/she supervises with respect.
4. Is fair when dealing with people regarding differences in sex, race,
religion, politics, and education.
5. Effective in handling routine duties and possesses job knowledge required
for area of responsibility.
6. Effective in handling problems, unexpected situations and exceptions.
7. Communicates well with persons outside department.
8. Looks for ways to improve tasks, procedures, and communication.
9. Delegates responsibility to other staff members in an effective manner.
10. Conducts supervisory duties in a fair and consistent manner.
11. Handles and arbitrates conflict in an effective manner.
12. Follows policies, procedures and regulations.
13. Keeps staff informed on items that affect their position.
14. Works to ensure that schedules, budget, equipment, and materials are
allocated appropriately to support the staff.
15. Communicates with staff concerning job performance throughout the year.
16. Represents department and staff to others in a positive and effective manner.
17. Encourages professional development for employees he/she supervises.
18. Shares credit for good performance with employees he/she supervises.
What are your supervisor’s strengths?
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In what areas can your supervisor improve?
Other comments?
Signature (optional)
Return competed form to the Human Resource Office is a sealed envelope marked confidential.
The HR will compile a summary (from the returned forms) on each officer, director and supervisor. A copy of the summary
sheet will be given to the appropriate officer for her/his review. The President will receive the summary of each officer.
Officers are asked to go over the summary sheet with each director or supervisor under her/his supervision. Officers,
directors and supervisors should encourage their employees to complete the supervisor evaluation form.
Supervisors/Officers will not see or have access to completed individual forms.