On-Campus Exposure Procedures
Rev. August 19, 2020
Supervisor Procedures for COVID-19
If Supervisor Learns of an Employee’s COVID-19 Diagnosis or the
Employee Reports Close Contact* to COVID-19
*The Sedgwick County Health Department (per Kansas Department of Health and Environment (“KDHE”)
guidance) defines “close contact” as being within six (6) feet for a prolonged period (10 minutes or longer)
or having direct contact with infectious secretions of a COVID-19 case (e.g., being coughed or sneezed on).
Follow these procedures with regard to any Affected Employee, which includes: (1) an employee has
been diagnosed with COVID-19 or (2) an employee that has had close contact with an individual who
has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Set an expectation with employees that, to the extent possible,
the employee should notify the supervisor of any COVID-19 diagnosis or close contact with COVID-19
reporting to the onsite work location.
If the Affected Employee is working at the onsite work location, send them home immediately and
provide the Employee Responsibilities
In the initial conversation with the Affected Employee:
Instruct the Affected Employee to contact their primary care physician or the United Way 2-1-1
COVID-19 Hotline (or the employee’s local health department, if they are not a resident of
Sedgwick County, KS), and follow any instructions given by appropriate public health officials
and/or the employee’s medical health care provider.
Supervisors should not do any investigation into potential contacts and should only provide the
guidance to the employee outlined in these procedures.
Advise the Affected Employee they may be asked to provide public health officials with an
exhaustive list of employees or other business-related third parties with whom they have had
close contact over the 48 hours prior to symptoms starting or prior to testing, if asymptomatic
(see definition of “close contact” above). The local health department officials will engage in
contact tracing, if necessary, and will notify potentially exposed individuals.
Collect the information below to provide to the Human Resources (HR) Total Rewards team prior
to sending the employee home.
Advise the employee that a member of the HR Total Rewards team will be in contact at the email
address(es) provided.
Do not, under any circumstances, disclose any information about the employee, including the name
of the Affected Employee or any information that could identify the Affected Employee (
, gender,
age, physical description), to any other individual, except as instructed in these procedures. As with
all other medical information, this must be kept confidential and shared only with the HR personnel
identified in this procedure. HR will coordinate all communication, including any communication
within your chain of command or department.
On-Campus Exposure Procedures
Rev. August 19, 2020
Ask the employee to identify any areas they recently used for prolonged periods of time. If the
Affected Employee has been in University areas in the preceding 7 days, close off those areas for at
least 24 hours or, if that is not possible, as long as possible. Then clean and disinfect these areas as
thoroughly and as soon as possible and consistent with the
CDC’s cleaning and disinfection
Email the below information to TotalRewards@wichita.edu, and copy the employee’s WSU
personal email address. If the employee does not have or check email, include the employee’s phone
number. Note: To prevent personal information being visible in Outlook subject lines/email
previews, send information in the following order with the subject line, “NOTIFICATION OF COVID
Last Date/Time at onsite
work location:
Work Schedule:
Personal Phone Number:
Work Email:
Personal Email:
Employee Name
Employee myWSU ID
For NIAR only, is the
employee designated as an
essential employee?
Yes No