Summer Housing Agreement 2020
Summerterm Students
Office of Residence Life
Student Center 230
229-5250 (phone) 229-5592 (fax)
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Name_______________________________ ID#:_____________________ Class Year: _________
Gender: ______ SMC # ________ E-mail address _________________________________
Home Phone _______________________________ Cell Phone ________________________________
Current Bldg./Room Assignment ______________ Fall Housing Assignment _____________________
Students will be assigned to Sykes Hall. Rooms will be assigned primarily based on class year for forms
received by May 1, 2020. The residence hall will be co-ed; bathrooms will be single-sex. Assignments
will be given at check-in.
If you have applied for housing by the May 1
deadline, you will be allowed to check-in for Summer
Session on Sunday, May 31
, at Security. If you do not apply in advance you will need to check in with
Residence Life starting at 8am on June 1
. Residence Halls close July 2
at 10:00 am.
There is only one summer session this year. The housing cost for summer session is $735.
Please indicate your lifestyle preferences:
_____I prefer to be in a double/triple/quad with_______________________________________
_____I prefer a single room
Approximate Bedtime: _______ Approximate Waketime: ________
Do you smoke? Yes___ No____ Will you live with someone that does smoke? Yes ___ No___
(Please note: all residences are smoke-free environments. Smoking is not permitted within 25 feet of campus buildings.)
I hereby apply for room for Summer 2020. In so doing, I understand and agree to the terms and
conditions of the Residential Statement of Obligation listed on the back of this form.
Signature ______________________________________ Date ______________________
Summer Residential Statement of Obligation
As a student enrolled at St. Lawrence University for Summer Session, I agree to read and comply with all University policies set forth
in the Student Handbook including the following:
RIGHTS RESERVED TO THE UNIVERSITY: I understand that the Board of Trustees reserves the right to make changes in the
room and board fees as may be necessary to maintain efficiency of the University. I also understand that the University reserves the
right to make changes in room/residence hall assignments, and to change or alter living arrangements in its residential buildings when
determined appropriate. I understand that I may be required to move for reasons, among others, pertaining to health, safety, and
primary rights of occupancy.
DATES OF OCCUPANCY: At the end of a session, I may occupy my room up to 24 hours after my last scheduled exam or until the
official stated closing time of the residence hall, whichever comes first.
CONTRACT OF OCCUPANCY: If assigned to a room other than a single, I understand my room may be filled to designated
occupancy. If a vacancy should occur in my assigned room, I agree to accept a new occupant to fill the existing vacancy, should use
of that space be necessary.
I agree that the University’s residence room assigned to me is for my use only, and that I will use it as a place of residence only. I
understand that this right to use a room does not create or constitute an interest or right in real property, and that my occupancy can be
terminated at any time by the University for cause. I further understand that I am not permitted to assign or otherwise transfer my
right of occupancy or any portion of my assigned room space to any other person.
ROOM CHARGES: The room charge will be $735 for summer session.
PERSONAL PROPERTY: I understand that I assume all and sole responsibility for loss of or damage to my personal property, the
personal property of my guests or invitees and/or personal property in my custody (including personal property kept in my room, any
storage area, or elsewhere on campus) and for personal injuries sustained by me or by any of my guests or invitees in or about my
room or other areas in or about the University’s residence facilities caused by any reason, whether that loss, damage or personal
injuries is caused by me, the University’s actions or inactions, third parties, or otherwise, unless caused solely by the intentional or
grossly negligent actions of the University. I understand that the University does not otherwise assume any responsibility for any such
loss or damages or personal injuries regardless of the circumstances. I also understand that the University has no insurance coverage
protecting my property. I agree that I will make no claim (nor will anyone make any claim on my behalf, or on behalf of any of my
guests or invitees) against the University as a result of any such loss or damage or personal injuries unless caused solely by the
intentional or grossly negligent actions of the University. I further acknowledge that I have been encouraged to obtain insurance
coverage if my property is not already covered under a parental policy.
COLLEGE PROPERTY AND DAMAGES: As a member of the college community, I am responsible for all college-owned items
in my assigned space and agree to accept financial responsibility for room condition, and damaged or missing items. I agree to follow
appropriate checkout procedures when I vacate my room. When damage occurs within my individual residence and the responsible
party is unknown, costs may be divided among building residents.
ENTERING STUDENT ROOMS: The University reserves the right to enter a room when there is reasonable cause to believe that
the health, welfare, and security of any person or property is endangered or as otherwise may be provided in the Student Handbook.
EQUAL OPPORTUNITY: Consistent with University policies, housing assignments are made without discrimination by reason of
race, sex, religion, age, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin.
HOUSING DISCIPLINE POLICY: Failure to abide by University or residential regulations may result in judicial intervention,
residential relocation, or the revocation of the housing agreement. Particular emphasis will be placed on measures insuring health,
safety, and primary rights of occupancy. See the Student Handbook for specific policies.