Summer 2021 Penn PASS Application for Princeton Sophomores
Applicant Information
Pronouns (optional):
Academic Information
Math or ACT Score:
SAT Score: Verbal /
College Science GPA:
College Cumulative GPA:
Potential concentration(s):
Certification and Release of Information
I certify that the information I have submitted in this application is accurate to the best of my
knowledge and is my own work.
I understand that the Office of Health Professions Advising will share my application materials,
recommendation letters, and transcripts with Perelman School of Medicine.
I consent to the letter(s) submitted on my behalf and a letter written by HPA to support my candidacy
being made available to Perelman School of Medicine. I understand that letters will be used only for
the purposes stated above and will not otherwise be used without my written consent. This
statement is provided in connection with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.
Do you waive your rights of access to your letters of recommendation?
Yes: I waive my rights of access to these letters. They may be considered confidential and will
not be made available to me without prior consent of the authors. I understand that this
waiver is not required as a precondition of application to this program.
No: I have read the waiver statement above and do not waive my right of access. I have
discussed this decision with an HPA adviser.
Additional Materials
All applicants must submit the following:
Application (above)
o For GPA calculations, include all courses that have grades reported on a US college
transcript. If you took courses away from Princeton, please submit unofficial copies
of the transcripts.
o HPA has developed a GPA calculator you can use to compute your GPAs:
Resume (refer to Center for Career Development Resume Guidelines)
o Please include your intended concentration and significant high school and college
activities (e.g., work, co-curricular, leadership, research, clinical).
Short essay questions:
1. Please tell us about yourself, including information about how your unique
background (e.g., culture; race; ethnicity; sexual orientation; gender identity;
socioeconomic status; educational, life and work experiences) have influenced your
career interests in medicine and science. Please include information about your
personal strengths as a future physician, and what you hope to gain from participating
in the PASS program. (no page limit, two pages double-spaced is suggested)
2. Please describe your interest in participating in scientific research. If you have done
research in the past, please describe your contributions and what you learned from
your participation. (no page limit, up to one page is suggested)
One required letter of recommendation from a Princeton professor or preceptor that
knows you and your academic abilities well (does not need to be a science faculty member).
o We recommend that you meet with the recommender and ask for the letter in
person at least a month before the deadline. Provide materials that will help them
write a strong, detailed letter of support that gives insight about your readiness for
medical school, motivation for your future career, and personal qualities that will
make you well-suited to be a medical student and physician.
o Refer to our HPA guidelines online:
o The letter should be written on official letterhead, signed (digitally is fine), and
emailed to
from a professional email address (not the
recommender’s personal email address).
If your writer prefers to send through Interfolio, you can set up a free
account and make the request through the service.
o You may submit up to one additional letter of recommendation.
Application Deadline:
Applications, essays, and resumes must be emailed to by 9am on
Monday, January 18, 2021.
Letters of recommendation should be received by January 18. You will receive an email
confirmation of receipt when your letter arrives.
We will be in touch with applicants who are selected to move forward in the application
process to schedule an interview by the end of January.