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Ministry of Education
Summative Report Form for
Principals and Vice-Principals
(Approved Form)
Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.
1. Appraisee
Position (check one only) *
Principal Vice-Principal
Last Name * First Name *
2. Appraiser
Position (check one only) *
Supervisory Officer Principal
Last Name * First Name *
Name of School
Name of Board
Appraisal Year
Practices and competencies from the Performance Plan that have contributed strongly to the principal’s/vice-principal’s overall performance
Practices and competencies from the Performance Plan that could be strengthened for further growth and development
Summative Comments
The supervisory officer/principal will provide a summative comment on the principal’s/vice-principal’s performance based on the results outlined
in the Performance Plan.
Supervisory Officer’s / Principal’s summary comments on the appraisal
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The principal/vice-principal may wish to comment on the appraisal.
Principal’s/Vice-Principal’s comments (optional)
Overall Rating (check one)
Satisfactory performance Unsatisfactory performance
3. Signature
Supervisory Officer’s / Principal’s Signature Date (yyyy/mm/dd)
Principal’s/Vice-Principal’s signature indicates the receipt of the summative report.
Principal’s/Vice-Principal’s Signature Date (yyyy/mm/dd)
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