Summative Initiation Form (Promotion)
Note: The Faculty Handbook (Section says that Department Heads, Deans, or Faculty
Members may initiate a summative review. Faculty usually request summative evaluations in
memos or in Development Plans (Section 2.9.1); Deans and Department Heads must fill out this
Summative Initiation Form, which will be given to the Chair of the College-Level Peer Review
Committee. In the case of promotion, this summative initiation form shall be considered a
recommendation. The Peer Review Chairs will place this form in the appropriate folder in the
candidate’s Summative Dossier.
Administrator Submitting this Form: Name:
Candidate’s Name:
Current Rank:
Candidate's Current Tenure Status: (Non-Tenured, Tenure-Track, Tenured)
Initial Year of Employment at Nicholls State:
Number of Years Employed at Nicholls State:
Date of Candidate’s Last Summative Review:
Number of Years Since Last Promotion:
If non-tenured, the number of years before candidates required tenure review:
Board of Supervisors policies concerning promotion and tenure and Nicholls State University's
policies and criteria shall be followed in all deliberations concerning performance assessment.