To the Evaluator: The student listed below has applied to be a Teaching Assistant (TA) in the
First-Year Experience course. It would be helpful in our evaluation of the applicant’s candidacy if
you could comment on his/her ability to successfully undertake the responsibilities of this position.
Position Overview: TAs are upper-classmen who are paired with a section of the First-Year
Experience course (CAS 101/SBS 100) and a faculty instructor. It is expected that First-Year
Experience TAs will serve as positive role models for new students and assist them in making a
successful transition to Suffolk University. These TAs are trained in and expected to be
knowledgeable about institutional information, group dynamics and student development issues.
Outside of class, a TA meets individually or in small groups with their students to answer any
questions they may have, encourage participation in programs specifically designed for the First-
Year Experience course, as well as those programs university-wide designed to benefit new
Name of Student (for whom you are writing this reference): _____________________________________________
Your Name: ________________________________________________________________________________________________
Business/Institution: _______________________________________________________________________________________
How long have you known the applicant and in what capacity?
Please use a scale of 1-5 to rate the following:
(1=poor, 2=below average, 3=average, 4=above average, 5=excellent)
Ability to accept and integrate new ideas _________
Ability to accept and integrate different values and lifestyles _________
Ability to communicate effectively; listening and expressing self _________
Ability to portray a positive attitude and constructive approach _________
Awareness of own limits; strengths and weaknesses _________
Reliability; conscientious and takes initiative; sense of commitment _________
Effectiveness in working with others; respect other’s views _________
Ability to assume a leadership role among peers _________
Attention to detail and administrative process _________
Ability to motivate others in a common purpose _________
Please use box below to comment on the candidate’s greatest strengths and any areas where
you think the candidate may need to make improvements. (350 character limit)
Please indicate your overall recommendation for this person’s candidacy for a Freshman
Year Experience TA position.
[ ] highly recommend [ ] recommend
[ ] recommend with reservations [ ] do not recommend
Electronic signature: ______________________________________________________ Date: _________________________
Reference forms must be submitted to FYE@SUFFOLK.EDU
Early Bird Due Date: FEBRUARY 15, 2019 | Final Due Date: FEBRUARY 27, 2019