Substitute Teacher Application Form
(For situations when an approved high school College Now teacher will be gone from class for longer than two
weeks. Substitute instructors must complete the following application for review and consideration as to
whether the course will still receive college credit)
Substitute Teacher Information
Email Address________________________________________________________________________
Date of Birth (required): ______________________
School Information
School Address________________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip________________________________________________________________________
School Phone__________________________ School Fax______________________________________
Name of the approved high school instructor needing a substitute_________________________________
College Now courses taught during the duration of the leave_____________________________________
Course Dates: Course start date:_______________ Course end date:____________
Dates of anticipated substitute duration. Start date: ___________________ End date: _________________
SMSU Faculty mentor name:______________________________________________
Principal Signature______________________________ Date_____________________
Principal Email___________________________________________________________
Include all of the following to complete the application:
1. Substitute Teacher Application Form (this form)
2. A letter from the regular approved high school teacher explaining the situation and need for
substitute along with an explanation of any assistance they plan to provide during their leave
3. Current/updated resume from substitute teacher
4. Transcripts from substitute teacher (undergraduate and any/all graduate work completed – unofficial
copies are fine)
Fax to: College Now Program (507) 537-647
Mail to: College Now, SMSU, 1501 State Street, Marshall, MN 56258 or E-mail: