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Please write your name as you want it to appear on your diploma. The name on your diploma must be your legal name (nicknames will not be printed). You may use initials rather than a
middle or first name. Due to diploma order deadlines, any change in your name impacting the printing of your diploma must be filed in the Office of the Registrar at least six (6) months prior
to graduation on a Change of Name form with the Office of the Registrar. If you request a change of name on your diploma after the order has been placed (typically three months prior to
Commencement), additional charges will apply, and there is no guarantee the new diploma will be available in time for Commencement.
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I intend to complete all requirements for my degree by the end of the following semester (check semester & indicate year):
Summer __________ year Fall __________ year Spring __________ year
I am a candidate for the following degree:
Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science in Information Science Bachelor of Music
Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Major: 1
_______________________________________________ Concentration: ___________________________________
Major: 2
_______________________________________________ Concentration: ___________________________________
Minor: 1
_______________________________________________ 2nd: ____________________________________________
I am in the Honors Program I am in the President's Leadership Program (PLP)
This is an update/change to a previously submitted ‘Intent This is my second CNU Bachelor’s Degree
Credit hour surcharge - Students who qualify for in-state tuition privileges must pay a surcharge (generally calculated at out-of-state tuition rates) for courses taken
after completion of 125% of the credit hours required for the degree. For example, for a bachelor’s degree requiring 120 credit hours, this would mean that any credits
taken beyond 150 (or 125% of 120) would be charged at the out-of-state rate. Certain exceptions apply, including AP/IB credits; see Section 23-7.4:F of the Code of Virginia
for more information. You are required to register and maintain a minimum of 12 credit hours to be considered a full-time student during regular semesters (fall and
spring). Please note that students are strongly encouraged to register for at least 15 credit hours in all regular semesters to make progress toward graduation in four
years. Please consult with your advisor to ensure that your course selections progress you toward your anticipated degree.
If your anticipated date of graduation changes from the date indicated above for any reason, you are required to notify the Office of the Registrar by submitting a new
‘Intent to Graduate’ form no later than July 01 (for August graduation), October 01 (for December graduation), or Mar 01 (for May graduation). Upon receipt you will again
be reviewed for graduation clearance; however, in order to receive mailings regarding graduation activities and for inclusion in the commencement/recognition program
you must submit a new ‘Intent to Graduate’ by the deadline indicated.
Commencement exercises are held once each year in May. Students who complete degree requirements in August and December are eligible to participate in the Spring
Commencement Ceremony in the following calendar year. Students will not be permitted to participate in commencement ceremonies unless all requirements, including
courses, GPAs, credits, and financial obligations are completed prior to the ceremony. Students are expected to be enrolled for at least a one (1) semester hour of credit
bearing course at CNU during their semester of graduation.
By signing this form, I authorize CNU to publish my anticipated date of graduation and Latin honors eligibility on the Office of the Registrar web page for the purpose of
communicating information regarding graduation and related commencement activities, and certify that I have consulted with my academic advisor and I have read and
understood the information provided. I understand it is my responsibility to monitor my progress toward degree and to review my Degree Evaluation Report online via
CNU Live on an ongoing basis to verify which university and degree program requirements I have met and help me determine those that may remain unmet.
SIGNATURE: __________________________________________________________________ Date___________________________
An electronic signature is sufficient if received from a Christopher Newport e-mail address.
(Submit to the Office of the Registrar upon completion of
60 credit hours to be reviewed for graduation clearance)
Rev. 10/2018
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