Subject Matter Expert (SME)
Application for Membership - 2019
Edited July 2019
Application for (check only ONE):
_____ Firearms _____ Driving _____ Curriculum
_____ Arrest Control For this Committee, please indicate your discipline(s):
PPCT Koga FBI Other, list: _______________________________________________
Name: _________________ _______________________ _________________________________
Title or position First Last
Your agency or academy affiliation (if applicable) and mailing address:
Pursuant to 24-31-303(o)(II)(a), please provide the following information:
Gender M F X Age _____ Race _______________________
Geographic Location ________________________________________________________________
Professional Experience _____________________________________________________________
Your e-mail address: ________________________________________________________________
Your phone numbers: Primary _______________________ Secondary ________________________
The following documents must accompany this application:
1. Resume
2. Letter of interest
3. Agency letter of support
4. Additional documents are required for Arrest Control, Driving and Firearms. Please refer to
the Membership Information for the committee to which you are applying.
Please mail this completed application and all requested documents to the following address:
Department of Law - POST
Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center
Attn: SME Committees
1300 Broadway, 9
Denver, CO 80203
OR scan all documents and email to:
_____________________________________________________ __________________________
Signature Date
If you have any questions about this application or the SME Committee to which you are applying, please
contact POST prior to submitting this application. for Firearms and Driving
and for Curriculum and ACT.
POST use only:
App. to Committee ______________________________ In-person ______________________________
Final Decision: Approved_____ Not approved_____ Date _________________________________
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