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The undersigned submits the enclosed subdivision plan for preliminary and final plat approval by the Mobile County
Signature of owner or agent of owner
Signature of owner or letter from property owner authorizing applicant to submit application is required to file (if applicant is other than owner).
Obtain the names and complete addresses of abutting property owners and property owners directly across the street from the subject
property, as shown by the latest assessment records of the County Revenue Commissioner’s Office located in the plat and map room
Each name, address, tax map number and parcel number must be TYPED on a standard size (approximately 1” x 2-5/8”) white self-
adhesive label. Three labels must be submitted for each property owner, adjoining property owner and across the street, applicant (if
applicant and owner differ), the utilities that serve the proposed subdivision, and the engineer or surveying firm shown on application. A
photocopy of the typed labels must also be submitted.
In the Big Creek Watershed
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City Water
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Note: All the necessary information for subdivision approval as required by the subdivision regulations must be submitted with this
application; otherwise, the application will not be considered for approval. Please submit two (2) copies of this application, one
(1) subdivision plat with LIDAR overlaid on top, 3 subdivision plats, and a digital copy (DWG file on CD or email).
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