Office of Global Initiatives
170 North St/Box 139
Dryden, NY 13053 USA
Study Abroad Applicant Criteria, Eligibility, and Application
All study abroad applicants must submit the following prior to interviewing with faculty for
participation in the course:
Study Abroad Application (blue)
Essay instructions with the application form
Academic Reference (pink) and Personal Reference (purple)
Payment Disclosure Form (golden)
Agreement/Release Form (yellow)
The following forms must be submitted by the end of the third week of September for course trips
that will take place following the Fall semester and by the end of the third week of February for
course trips that will take place following the Spring Semester:
Health and Physicians Travel Approval Form (green)
Photocopy of your passport’s information page or a photocopy of the passport application
Criteria to Be Evaluated in Consideration for Acceptance into a Study Abroad Course and Trip
Academic achievement. Minimum G.P. A. of 2.5. Transcripts will be reviewed for overall academic
achievement. Preference may be given to applicants who are further along in their studies. Others will
be considered based on space availability.
Qualities of character and social skills. Travel abroad in a group setting demands patience, flexibility,
good humor, good will, and an ability to tolerate uncertainty or challenges when they occur. Above all,
we are looking for students who exhibit responsibility, as well as sensitivity to others. The success of an
off-campus program depends as much upon how students study abroad experience actually results in
meeting the learning outcomes of the course. We need good “ambassadors” to represent the college in
the larger world during these experiences.
Motivation and curiosity. Your ability to get something out of an off-campus experience depends
entirely upon what you put into it. We are looking for students who are genuinely curious about the
world around them and have demonstrated initiative in acting upon this curiosity.
Self-knowledge. No matter where students go to study off-campus, the primary journey is usually an
internal one. Students should know explicitly why they wish to participate.
Advance preparation. You will be responsible for reading and writing assignments as a part of the
course and pre-departure activities. Students must participate in all pre-departure class activities to be
well prepared for the academic responsibilities associated with study abroad. There will be 10 class
meetings prior to departure for this purpose. (This is a study abroad experience, not a vacation)
Office of Global Initiatives
170 North St/Box 139
Dryden, NY 13053 USA
a) All applicants must be at least 18 years old at the time of travel. A GPA of 2.5 minimum is
necessary to enroll.
b) Participants cannot have any academic or disciplinary holds on their record upon submitting an
application and must not have any at the time of travel. Student may not be on probation, any kind,
or just returning from suspension. Student must not have history of disciplinary issues. Students
must remain in good standing.
c) Students must include one each ACADEMIC and PERSONAL reference and have health* and,
judicial clearance to travel.
d) Student must be eligible for and have in their possession a current passport by the deadlines on
the previous page. (This is not included in the program fee…Passports must be procured on your
e) Applicants should have the maturity, academic background and achievement, and motivation
necessary for success in study abroad program, prior to enrolling. All participants will complete an
application form and short essay, which will be reviewed by one or more faculty leading the trip.
Materials may also be reviewed by the office of Global Initiatives. The Program may also have a
waiting list in the event that a student cancels.
f) If a student has not completed a prerequisite course for a study abroad program, he or she
enrolls at his or her own risk. This risk implies that the student will, regardless of pre-requisites, be
held accountable for all course material. Overrides for prerequisites must be authorized in writing.
g) Students must read and understand the course outline, and participate in all pre-departure
activities. Anyone who does not participate in class prior to departure will not travel abroad, and no
refunds will be given for payments made.
h) Students agree to sign Agreement/Release Form at time of application, with no exceptions.
**Health Clearance Forms: Students need to get a complete physical evaluation and the doctor will have to confirm that
student is fit and able to fully participate in all physical activities as described in the course itinerary. This may include hiking,
extensive walking on uneven surfaces, and other events. Accommodations for disabilities should not be expected because the
laws of other countries differ from the U.S. in this area. Student must have the emotional stability to travel abroad and be up-
to-date on all of your vaccinations. Understandably, no country wants a foreigner bringing in diseases. Doctor should fill out
forms after a physical and send them to the school Health Services Office for review with Program Leaders. It is important not
to procrastinate on these! Doctors are always busy, and it could be a while before they get confirm an appointment.
Office of Global Initiatives
170 North St/Box 139
Dryden, NY 13053 USA
Tompkins Cortland CC Study Abroad Application
Your Name (Last, First, Middle) Program Location Abroad Administering SUNY Campus
Steps for applying
1. Gain full understanding of this program and requirements before applying by talking to the faculty trip
leader(s) and your academic advisor.
2. Financial Aid Officer (if applicable), the Global Office Study Abroad Coordinator to understand all aspects of
this trip, including the financial and academic implications.
3. Submit all of the required application materials to Office of Global Initiatives (room 230) during the
semester prior to the program. (See The Study Abroad Timeline for due dates)
4. Once your application is in, you may be contacted for an interview with faculty leaders. If they admit you to
the course, they will sign a Registration Form, which you will then bring to Global Initiatives for signature,
then to Enrollment Services (room 101) in order to enroll.
NAME ________________________________________________STUDENT ID#____________________
TOMPKINS CORTLAND E-MAIL ADDRESS ___________________________________________________
PERSONAL E-MAIL ADDRESS________________________________CELL PHONE___________________
LOCAL ADDRESS______________________________________________________________________
PERMANENT ADDRESS_________________________________________________________________
ACADEMIC MAJOR____________________________ACADEMIC ADVISOR________________________.
U.S. CITIZEN? ___________ IF NO, VISA TYPE ______________ DATE OF BIRTH _____________
NO Have ever been convicted of a felony?
YES If you checked “YES”, please explain:
I have read the program information in the course outline, and understand the scope of the trip. I authorize Tompkins
Cortland Staff/Faculty to examine my Tompkins Cortland CC record to verify my eligibility for this program. I
understand the rules of this program and agree to comply with them.
SIGNATURE _________________________________________ DATE _________________________
Office of Global Initiatives
170 North St/Box 139
Dryden, NY 13053 USA
Tompkins Cortland CC Study Abroad Application Essay
Your Name (Last, First, Middle) Program Location Abroad Primary SUNY Campus Student ID
In reading this essay, we will look for clearly stated goal and that you combine the attributes of the experience with your
specific personal, educational, and career objectives. Do not rush. Take your time and think through what you want to
say. If you would like to have somebody look at your essay for feedback, tutors in the Writing Center are available.
Essay Topic: (Around of 300 words):
What motivates you to participate in this experience? Describe how participation in this program will enrich you
personally and contribute to your academic and/or professional goals. Specifically, how will this study abroad program
build upon your education to date and connect to your studies when you return to campus?
The Tompkins Cortland Foundation has a fund to assist students to realize their study abroad aspirations. If you choose
to apply for a Foundation Scholarship by signing below, if funding is awarded, you will be asked to give approximately
two hours of your time and effort in the semester to follow your trip to the promotion of study abroad at Tompkins
Cortland Community College. This promotion can happen in a way that is most comfortable for you: In person at an
information table or other event, or can be in written/print/photo/video format or any combination thereof. Please
make arrangements with the Office of Global Initiatives staff prior to departure for the trip or immediately upon your
Scholarship Application Release
By signing below, I indicate that I wish for my application form, essay and references to be used to apply for a Tompkins
Cortland Foundation Study Abroad Scholarship I give my permission for the entire contents to be reviewed by the
scholarship committee. I agree to abide by the conditions of the Foundations guidelines for any scholarship I may receive.
I agree that if I do receive funding I will assist with two-hours of promotion, as stipulate above. I agree that if I withdraw
from the college or fail to meet the stated criteria of the scholarship at the time it is awarded, I will forfeit or repay all or
a portion of any scholarship, according to the College’s refund policy. I understand that any scholarship monies awarded
may be credited against the balance of any of my bills at the college. The TC3 foundation and TC3 have my permission to
use quotes from any application and/or essay with donors in press releases and other Foundation or College materials.
Signature ______________________________________ Date__________________________________