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Student questionnaire
(grades K–5)
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I’d like to get to know you better so I can help you learn. I have some questions for you.
We can talk about the questions together. Or you can write your answers below.
1. What do you like best about school? Why?
2. What is most difficult for you at school? How can I help?
3. Who are your closest friends? Why do you like to play and work with them?
4. When is it easiest for you to pay attention in class?
5. When is it hardest for you to pay attention? What helps you at those times?
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6. When do you learn best? (Check all that apply.)
When I sit near
the teacher
When the teacher gives
directions in different ways
When I can move
during a lesson
When my work is
broken into chunks
When I have time to think
about my answers
Student questionnaire
(grades K–5)
7. What makes learning harder for you?
8. Tell me about a teacher who helped you learn the best.
What did the teacher do to help?
9. How can I help you if you’re frustrated or upset?
10. Fill in the blank: I wish my teacher knew that I…