Equal Opportunity Institution. A Unit of the Technical College System of Georgia. Updated 2-20-19
Step 1: Acknowledgement of Status
By initialing next to each statement, I understand that the following stipulations apply for non-degree-
seeking students. In order to change to non-degree-seeking status, all fields must be initialed.
I am not eligible to receive financial aid and am responsible for paying all tuition and fees in full by
the posted payment deadlines. Failure to pay my tuition and fees in full will result in the removal
of all courses from my schedule.
I must adhere to the specific institutional prerequisite requirements when selecting courses.
Satisfaction of prerequisites will be verified by review of unofficial postsecondary transcripts and
ACT/SAT/Compass/Accuplacer scores.
I understand that I am not eligible to graduate under non-degree-seeking status.
As a non-degree-seeking student, I can earn credit for an unlimited number of courses, but I may
transfer only 17 of those credit hours into a specific program at CTC for graduation purposes.
I understand I am responsible for submitting a program change request and supplying additional
documents to change my status to regular admission. Documents and forms must be turned in by
posted Enrollment Services deadlines.
Step 2: Educational Goal
Select the option that best describes your goals at CTC.
Complete a program of study at CTC. If so, list program: ___________________________________
Complete only a few courses at CTC. If so, list courses under Step 3.
Complete courses for several semesters and transfer to another institution.
Step 3: Desired Course(s)
Note: This is not a required step but will expedite the registration process.
Course Subject & Number
Course Name
Step 4: Signature
I have read the above statements and agree to the conditions of non-degree-seeking status.
Student’s Signature: _____________________________________________________________
Student’s Full Name: __________________________________ Student ID: ________________
Effective Term (Semester and Year): ______________________ Date: ____________________
Student Waiver Form
Submit to any Enrollment Services Office
or to Records@ChattahoocheeTech.edu