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Student Travel Agreement
Student Name (Print): ___________________________________________________________
UA ID (If known): ___________________________________________________________
Course CRN: ____________ Course Title: ________________Class Dates: _____________
As a participant of a UAF Bristol Bay Campus sponsored activity requiring travel, I agree:
1. I will conduct myself in a mature, responsible manner at all times.
2. I will not use or have in my possession illegal drugs or alcohol at any time during the trip.
3. I will attend every course and successfully complete the course.
I understand that UAF BBC is paying for my participation in the class:
Air Transportation
Tuition/Transcription Fee
I also understand that I’m responsible for acquiring and paying for my own food while traveling
for the class.
I understand that a violation of any rules or policies (such as: being asked to leave place of
lodging or arrest) will result in dismissal from the class and I will be responsible for my own
return home. Further, if I am dismissed from the class, my employer or funding agency will be
notified and I will be billed for expenses BBC has paid on my behalf; airfare, lodging and
tuition. I also understand that I may also be denied any future funding from BBC.
By signing below, I am agreeing to the above terms and conditions:
Signature __________________________________________ Date _______________
Address ________________________ City ________________ AK Zip ___________
Phone ____________________ Work Phone ______________________________
Email _______________________________________________________________
Note: All information submitted on this form is confidential
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