Student Technology Guide
These resources are how sta and faculty will communicate with students.
Please submit all correspondences through your student Oce365 account.
Please be aware that this account is the property of SPCC and may be accessed to verify information.
QUESTIONS? Have questions or need assistance with your student account?
Contact the IT Department at 704.272.5320 or
Please provide your name, complete Student ID, and state the assistance that you need.
South Piedmont Community College students have access to online registration, grades, advising,
nancial aid, class schedules, college updates and more.
You may access this page prior to when your classes begin.
How do I get to the GO! Student Portal site and Log In?
• Look for the Go! Student Portal Box under quick links located on the bottom left-hand side of the SPCC
homepage ( or visit to sign in.
• Enter user name and temporary password
• On the next screen, when prompted for your “old password”, enter your temporary password. en change your
password and conrm. Your new password MUST have a capital letter, a special/numeric character,
be at least 8 characters in length, and not part of your name.
• Click Active Campus Portal (left hand side of page)
• Enter user name (username only) and your new password
Rev. 09112017
Student ID # ________________________________________________________________________
Username: __________________________________________________________________________
Email: _____________________________________________________________________________
Temporary password: _________________________________________________________________
New password: ______________________________________________________________________
For example:
If your name is George Washington and your Student ID is 1234567 then your User ID would be gwas4567.
If your name is George O’Smith and your Student ID is 1234567 then your User ID would be go_s4567
(is has one underscore.).
You will be assigned a temporary password: Tempmmdd+. is is the word Temp beginning with a capital T,
your two-digit birth month, your two-digit birth day, followed by a plus sign (+). You will be required to
change the password when you log in the rst time.
Example: George Washington, Date of Birth: 01-20-1975
Student ID: 1234567
Username: gwas4567
Temporary password: Temp0120+
What’s Moodle?
Moodle is a course management system used by all of SPCC’s online, blended and web-enhanced courses.
You will submit your coursework and homework here!
You will be able to see your courses on this page the first day of classes!
How do I get to Moodle and Log in?
• Look for the Moodle Box
in the top left-hand corner of the SPCC homepage (, or you can access
directly at
• Enter user name and password (this will be same user name and password as your Go! Student Portal)
• Your classes will display in the center column the rst day of each class.
P If you have logged into GO! Student Portal, your classes will appear under “My Classes.
You may need to click “set your credentials” and then enter your username and password for GO!
If you have questions or need assistance with Moodle, please email
What’s Starsh? Starsh is an online system that allows students to keep track of their courses,
college services, and appointment scheduling. Starsh is used to set up appointments at the college
with your instructors or advisor, and to send you notications about your academic progress.
You will be able to access this page the first day of classes!
How do I get to Starsh and Log In?
Look for the Starsh Box in the top left-hand corner of the SPCC homepage (, there is a link to Starsh
on your Moodle page, or you can access directly atsh-ops/support/login.html
• Starsh uses the same log in information as your GO! account.
SPCC Student Oce 365 ese accounts are provided to students free of charge and are available in accordance
with our Microsoft agreement. You may access this page prior to when your classes begin.
How do I get to my SPCC Student Oce 365 account and Log In?
• Look for the Student Oce 365 Box in the top left-hand corner of the SPCC homepage ( or
visit https://portal.o to sign in.
• Enter your email address and your GO! password.
Your new email address is: (Note: student is singular; not plural)
L. L. Polk Campus
680 Hwy. 74 West
P.O. Box
Polkton, NC 28135-0126
Old Charlotte Highway Campus
P.O. Box 5041
Monroe, NC 28111-5041
4209 Old Charlotte Highway
Monroe, NC 28110
Lockhart-Taylor Center
514 North Washington Street
Wadesboro, NC 28170
Tyson Family Center for Technology
P.O. Box 5041
Monroe, NC 28111-5041
3509 Old Charlotte Highway
Monroe, NC 28110
What’s TaskStream? Its a web-based system for academic assessment and
reporting. Tools are on-demand; students
interact with TaskStream via Internet to access tools, resources, workspaces and their own les at any time or any place.
How do I get to Taskstream and subscribe?
• Go to:
• On the Taskstream homepage click “Create/Renew Today” located at the top, right-hand side of homepage.
• Select “Create a new Taskstream Subscription” or “renew” if you already have an existing Taskstream account.
Under Option 2, enter your Taskstream key code, which can be obtained from your instructor. Click “Continue”.
• Choose “Division/Department” of your chosen major. en, choose “Program/Department” of your chosen major
and then “Area”, which is your specic major. Next, select “Students” for group and then click continue.
• Fill in Personal Information (use student Gmail for email, see Gmail section for details). When creating your
username and password, consider using your username and password from Moodle or to make it
easier to remember. Also complete the short form with your “best t” answers.
• Conrm registration information and click “Continue” if everything is correct.
• Click the link to Taskstreams homepage. Enter your username and password to begin using your Taskstream account.
What’s a DRF?
A DRF is a Directed Response Folio. DRFs allow users, as Authors, to assemble work to satisfy
program-related requirements and submit it to an Evaluator for evaluation. Work might include online forms, text
blocks, etc. provided by instructors via the DRF template, and/or uploaded work les such as documents, slideshows
and videos. A DRF program might be equivalent to a full academic program, a course, or any other division of study
at your organization. Authors enrolled into a DRF program can also request feedback on their work, publish it to the
web, and email it to other Taskstream users or external email addresses.
How do I enroll myself in a program? If you are expected to enroll yourself as an Author in a DRF program so that
you can submit work for evaluation, your instructor should have provided you with a program self-enrollment code. If
you have not been provided with a program code, you will need to contact your instructor, or the SPCC IE department in
OCH A, Suite 300 or call 704.290.5873. Follow the directions on your program code sheet or use these steps:
(1) Click the Self-enrollment code button at the bottom of the home page. If you are already enrolled in a number
of programs, you may need to scroll to see this.
(2) Enter the program code you were provided. Be sure not to enter any additional spaces.
(3) Click the Search button. If you have entered a valid program code for your program, you should see information
about the program.
(4) If this is the appropriate program, click the Enroll button. You will then be notied that you were successfully
enrolled into the program. If you are not sure this is the correct program, you may wish to clarify with your
instructor. ere is a dierent DRF for all programs as well as a Core Skills area for each school
(e.g., Applied Science and Technology).
(5) Once fully enrolled in your DRF, select the appropriate program assignment link.
If you have questions or need assistance with Taskstream, please contact your instructor, or
Jill Millard at 704.290.5887, or the email the Taskstream helpdesk: or call 1.800.311.5656.