ATAP Student Membership Applicant
Sponsorship Questions
I have known the applicant for:
A graduate level student in good academic standing
aending a regional or naonal-level accredited educaonal
Engaged in study and/or research in the behavioral sciences,
criminal jusce and/or related studies.
Acvely involved in the study or research of threat
assessment or violence risk assessment.
Is the student applicant, by the nature of their academic studies
(Check all that apply):
Sponsor knowledge of candidate (Check all that apply):
I have personal knowledge of the student applicants
academic studies.
I have discussed the responsibilies of being an ATAP
member with the student applicant and I feel condent that
the applicant understands the nature of ATAP as a professional
networking, educaon, and fellowship organizaon rather than
a tool for markeng.
In my opinion, the applicant qualies to become a student
member of ATAP and I am sponsoring this applicant.
To the best of my knowledge, there is nothing in the
applicant’s professional/personal history that would present a
potenal concern as a member of ATAP.
I aest that to the best of my knowledge, the above
informaon is accurate.
Sponsor’s name:
Student Applicant’s name:
Signature: Date:
Thank you for taking the me to assist in ensuring
ATAPs connued growth by sponsoring a new
student member. By taking acons to verify
certain aspects of the applicants background
and accurately compleng this form, you are
taking the important rst step in the process
of: (1) enlisng qualied new members; and
(2) just as importantly, screening out applicants
who are not suited for membership. Please
make certain that you have had a substanve
conversaon with this applicant prior to
compleng this form. While it is easy to
describe the benets of membership in ATAP, it
is vital that they understand the responsibilies
that come with membership.
If you do not feel comfortable in sponsoring
this applicant, please have a conversaon with
them and do not return this form.
Student Membership Criteria
A student membership within ATAP is appropriate for a graduate level student in good standing aending a regional- or
naonal-level accredited educaonal instuon who wishes to become a member of the associaon, but does not qualify
as listed in Arcle IV (A) of the ATAP Bylaws. To qualify for a student membership, the individual must meet the following
1. The student must be currently engaged in study and/or research in the behavioral sciences, psychology, criminal
jusce and/or related studies and must be acvely involved in the study or research of threat assessment or violence
risk assessment.
2. Student applicants must be sponsored by a member in good standing. A prospecve member shall submit his or her
completed applicaon signed by the sponsoring member and a non-refundable applicaon fee to the appropriate
Chapter Membership Coordinator or other designated Chapter Ocer.
3. Submit payment of annual dues once their chapter has veried that the student is sll acve in a study/research
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