Student Services Plan
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1. Student Verification
DOR Student Services through the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) help students prepare
for work by exploring options, getting ready for work, and creating careers.
The DOR has confirmed that you, , are a
student who can participate in DOR Student Services.
Your DOR Participant ID is: .
2. Description of Expected Activities
Your expected activities in the Student Services Plan include, but are not limited to, the
services and activities described below. These are based on our discussion on
about your needs and the choices available.
Job Exploration Counseling
DOR or
Chosen Provider
Start Date
Work-Based Learning Experiences
DOR or
Chosen Provider
Start Date
Postsecondary Enrollment Counseling
DOR or
Chosen Provider
Start Date
Workplace Readiness Training
DOR or
Chosen Provider
Start Date
Instruction in Self-Advocacy
Start Date
Student Services Plan
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3. Student Services Plan
The Student Services Plan is a universal plan for students offered by DOR. The goal
is for you to participate in services that help you explore and prepare for employment,
to assist you in achieving workplace success and financial independence after
completing your education.
The Student Services Plan has five services included. Each of the five DOR Student
Services may include a variety of activities that allow you to explore your career
options, gain work experience, and develop other foundational skills that will support
you in being successful at work and in life.
The specific activities you participate in will depend on your needs, interests, and the
choices available in your area. As you continue to participate, your needs and
interests may change. Just stay in communication with your DOR team: you can add
or change your expected activities to any within the five services in the Student
Services Plan.
4. Acknowledgements
Discontinuation of Services
This agreement will be effective until any of the following occurs:
1) You have completed all the activities listed.
2) You are 22 or older or no longer enrolled in school (does not apply to summer break).
3) You stop participating in DOR Student Services.
Student Responsibilities
You are responsible to:
Provide information requested by DOR.
Notify the DOR if you change schools or are no longer enrolled in school.
Promptly return any equipment or aids loaned by the DOR.
Working with DOR
To get the best experience and the most benefit, we recommend that you:
Respond to communications from DOR.
Fully participate in your Student Services meetings and activities.
Questions or Concerns
If you have any questions regarding this agreement, you may:
Talk with a DOR staff member
Talk with a DOR supervisor
Take any actions listed on the DR 1000 RIGHTS AND REMEDIES form
Student Services Plan
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5. Pre-Employment Transition Services
The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) emphasizes the provision of
services to students and youth with disabilities to ensure that they have meaningful
opportunities to receive the services, including training and other supports, they need
to achieve employment outcomes in competitive integrated employment (81 Fed. Reg.
55630, 55631). In support of this, it requires vocational rehabilitation agencies to
provide pre-employment transition services and to serve potentially eligible students.
The Student Services Plan consists of pre-employment transition services provided to
potentially eligible students, consistent with 34 CFR 361.48(a) and the VR Portion of
the Unified State Plan. Pre-employment transition services are designed to promote
the successful transition of students from school to post-school activities, resulting in
competitive integrated employment, economic self-sufficiency, and independence.
These services assist students to explore and prepare for employment through
experiences and foundational skills development that increase the likelihood of
employment and substantial gainful activity.
The Student Services Plan is part of a continuum of DOR services and is available to
potentially eligible students, who are defined as students with disabilities, ages 16
through 21, who have not yet applied or been found eligible for the vocational
rehabilitation program.