Student Pledge
In this unique program, you’ll work with your faculty advisor
and the SMSU Career Services staff throughout your
college career to take steps that have been proven to lead
to success in the job search. If you do your part and still
don’t land a job within six months of graduation, we’ll give
you FREE TUITION for your first semester in one of our
master’s degree programs.
SMSU Mustang Promise: We promise you will
nd a job after college. We believe in you. That’s
why we created the Mustang Promise.
*Job Placement does not mean SMSU Career Services finds a job for you;
they provide resources, tools and tips to help you find a job.
I understand that to take advantage of the Mustang Promise, I will:
Register with SMSU Career Services by returning this signed pledge and
setting up an initial meeting with Career Services staff
Activate my account in Handshake (, SMSU’s
career community and job board
Participate in professional and career development by working with my
faculty advisor and Career Services staff
Create, then update my resume at least once a year
Graduate from Southwest Minnesota State University with a Bachelor’s
degree and eligible for admission to one of our graduate programs
Be in good financial standing with SMSU upon graduation
Understand the process for graduate/professional school application and
begin early to increase acceptance success
Begin my job search six months prior to graduation
Meet with Career Services within 30 days of graduation, and monthly until
Take advantage of the free semester of graduate school within 12 months of
posted graduation date
If I am unemployed at six months after graduation, I will contact Career
Services to take advantage of one semester (three courses) of tuition in any
graduate program at SMSU.
I have reviewed the requirements for the
Mustang Promise and pledge to do my part.
Name: ____________________________________________
Signature: __________________________________________
Mustang ID: _________________________________________
SMSU Email:_________________________________________
Career Services Representative
Within six months of graduation, you will
be employed or enrolled in graduate school.
If not, you can enroll in a graduate program
at SMSU, and your rst semester of tuition
is free.
THAT’S OUR PROMISE. | 1501 State St., Marshall MN 56258 | 800-642-0684
A member of the Minnesota State system. ADA Accessible.
ADA/Section 504: Individuals with a disability who need a reasonable accommodation to participate should call SMSU at 1-800-642-0684 or through the Minnesota Relay Service at 1-800-627-3529.