Student Employment
Agreement -
Work Study Program
I understand that I have the following responsibilities as a
student employee at Selkirk College:
1. I will be enrolled in a program and attending classes
during the dates outlined on my Temporary Employment
Contact (TEC). If I stop attending school I will no longer
be considered a student and my employment contract will
2. I must arrange a suitable work schedule with my supervisor
and maintain that schedule.
3. I will not exceed a 10-hour work week (inclusive of all jobs
working on campus) during the academic semesters.
4. As a student employee, I am not eligible to work overtime.
5. I am responsible for completing and adhering to the
Student Employment Agreement for each position I hold on
6. I understand that it is my responsibility to maintain an
accurate record of my time worked.
7. I will submit my hours worked in adherence to payroll
deadline dates so that I will be paid accurately and timely
according to the College’s payroll schedule.
8. Before I begin working: I understand that the following
documents have been submitted and approved by Financial
Aid on or before my rst day of work:
a. Student Employment Agreement
b. Temporary Employment Contract (TEC)
c. TD1 – Federal Personal Tax Credits Return
d. TD1 BC – British Columbia Personal
Tax Credits Return
e. Ocial direct deposit documentation from your
Financial Institution or void blank cheque.
9. Before I begin working: I must complete the Employee
Health & Safety orientation:
a. New Worker Health & Safety Online Orientation
b. Site Specic Safety Orientation Checklist
(completed by Supervisor and student).
“Condential Information” means information disclosed to, used
by, developed by, or made known to the Employee in the course
of the Employee’s employment with the College which is not
generally known by persons outside the College’s organization
including, but not limited to:
1. Information (printed, electronic or otherwise) pertaining
to the College’s past, present, future and contemplated
students, employees, assets, operations, practices,
methods, facilities, equipment, data, technology, research,
marketing methods or strategies, nances, inventions,
routines, policies, and procedures; and
2. The College’s intellectual property, as dened in the
College’s policies.
a. The Employee acknowledges that the Employee
shall have access to and be entrusted with
Condential Information in the course of the
Employee’s employment or practicum with the
College, and that the College’s business would
be irreparably harmed if such Condential
Information were disclosed to, or used by, any
person outside the College.
b. The Employee acknowledges and agrees that
the right to maintain the absolute secrecy of its
Condential Information is a proprietary right the
College is entitled to protect.
c. Selkirk College is governed by the
Freedom of Information and Protection of
Privacy Act of British Columbia. All employees
with access to personal information (student,
employee, contract) records are responsible for
maintaining the integrity and the condentiality
of those records.
Financial Aid & Awards 1.888.953.1133 250.365.1295
Building Remarkable Futures.
Student Employment
Agreement -
Work Study Program
3. College employees who have access to personal
information are required to abide by this policy and:
a. Not to make use of or permit unauthorized access
to personal information. Employees may only review
information which is required in the performance of
their assigned duties, unless otherwise authorized by
the individual.
b. Not to release Condential Information to any
person except in accordance with allowances
under the Act. This includes personal information
such as registration status, address, phone
number, birth date, grades etc. Any third
party requesting information (police, legal
representatives), should be directed to the
individual or may be referred to the Registrar’s or
Vice President, Education and Students Oces.
Any employee requiring assistance should contact
the Director, Human Resources.
c. Not to make personal use of condential
information which has been obtained through
the conduct of their College duties. This includes
development or sale of mailing lists.
d. Not to remove or alter any ocial record except in
performance of their duties. This includes both the
paper and electronic versions of the records.
e. To report any real or suspected violation of the
integrity or condentiality of the records to the
Director of Learning Resources and the Registrar.
f. To report any requests to breach this policy to the
Director of Human Resources.
I hereby certify that I have read the above responsibilities
and condentiality statement and fully understand and agree
with the expectations of employment under the Work Study
program. I am aware that failure to comply with any of the
above conditions may result in disciplinary action being taken
against me, including termination from employment. I am also
aware that the College retains the right to pursue prosecution
when misuse of its information or resources is suspected.
Student Name:
Student Number:
Student Email:
Student Phone Number:
Permanent Home Address:
Financial Aid & Awards 1.888.953.1133 250.365.1295
Building Remarkable Futures.
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