Registration of Expression of Interest
Academic Board Membership
Appointed Student Member
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Students wishing to nominate are asked to complete the accompanying Expressions of Interest (EOI) submission
form. Completed EOIs may be submitted by:
Email to: mail to:
Mail to: Mr Ian Troupe, Secretary to the Academic Board
EOI – Academic Board Membership – Appointed Student Member
Secretariat, James Cook University, Townsville Qld 4811
Enquiries to: (07) 4781 4961
The process of appointment of student members will be undertaken being mindful of geographic reach, gender
and organisational membership, and consistent with the process of appointment of members of Council
Committees. The selection will be undertaken by the Academic Board Executive (Chairperson of the Academic
Board, Vice Chancellor and the Deputy Chairperson of the Academic Board).
Procedures for the Appointment of Student Members to the Academic Board
1. Eligibility for appointment
The Board has two student positions for:
1. Undergraduate; and
2. Postgraduate.
The Board currently has an immediate vacancy for the Postgraduate position and the Undergraduate position
is available from 1 January 2020.
Students wishing to be considered by the Academic Board Executive (Chairperson of the Academic Board,
Vice Chancellor and Deputy Chairperson of the Academic Board) for appointment to student positions on the
Academic Board can be either a part-time or full-time student of James Cook University.
Unsuccessful postgraduate and undergraduate applicants will become part of a pool of applicants to fill future
This Postgraduate and Undergraduate Student Representatives provide the Board with a greater understanding
of the student perspective to assist in:
a. monitoring the quality of teaching, research and scholarship in the University and to provide leadership in
the development of policies on quality improvement;
providing leadership in the development of policies on student admission, progress and discipline;
having academic governance oversight of all JCU academic operations, including collaborative
arrangements and off-shore operations.
The Postgraduate student position on Academic Board would be for a term of up to two years as determined by
the Academic Board Executive.
The Expressions of Interest (EOI) process gives Postgraduate and Undergraduate Students the opportunity to
register their interest to contribute to the effective academic governance of JCU in accordance with the Academic
Board Charter.
2. Appointment Process
2.1. Calls for Expressions of Interest from eligible students.
2.2. The Academic Board Executive considers submissions and appoints the successful student(s) to the
Academic Board and, confirms the term of office that each appointed member will hold.
3. Term of Appointment
3.1. The Academic Board Executive will determine the term of office that each member will be appointed to
the Academic Board for, being a term of up to two years.
3.2. The term of office may be terminated by the person so appointed or by the Academic Board, in writing.
The Duties of a Member of the Academic Board are below for your reference.
Duties and Responsibilities of a member of the Academic Board
Members Roles and responsibilities
All Board members have a responsibility to:
- read the agenda papers
- attend meetings and participate in discussion
- be prepared to consider options and to vote on motions
- consider the implications of decisions on the efficiency, effectiveness and public standing of the University
- participate in occasional working parties or other support activities
- consult with constituencies as appropriate, and within the limits of confidentiality where required
- keep the Chairperson, Secretary or Committee Officer informed if they cannot attend a meeting or meet
any particular deadlines.
All members, ex officio and appointed members, have a responsibility to act in the best interests of the Board
and the University.
Members bring to the Board their unique experience, expertise, values, insights and interests; including interests,
some members may have in particular segments of the University community. When participating in the decision-
making of the Board, each member should seek to support decisions which provide the greatest benefit to the
University. In this regard, members are expected to put forward their own points of view but ones that take into
account the needs and requirements of the University.
Members Declaration of Conflicts of Interest
Members are required to bring to the Chairperson’s attention any actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest
that they might experience as a Board member.
This could arise as a result of the Board discussing a matter in which a member might have a direct interest (e.g.
a material financial interest). Depending on the matter, it may be sufficient for the member to be absent from the
meeting during consideration of the item, or to refrain from voting on a motion.
The Chairperson, in consultation with the Secretary, will advise on the most appropriate action when informed of
the potential conflict of interest.
Policy: Code of Conduct for the University Council
Policy: Conflicts of Interest - University Council
Resignation from Board
A member wishing to resign from the Board must provide formal notice of their intention by letter to the
Chairperson with a copy to the Secretary.
The letter should contain a brief explanation for the resignation and the expected date of resignation. This will
allow for any preparation to fill the vacancy left by the resigning member in a timely manner.
Terms of Appointment
The Academic Board membership terms of appointment are available at Section 4.7 of the Academic Board
Conduct of Meetings
Meetings of the Board shall be conducted in accordance with the Standing Orders of Council, which apply to all
Boards, Committees and Sub-Committees of the Council.
Registration of Expression of Interest
Academic Board Membership
Appointed Student Member (Postgraduate / Undergraduate)
Expressions of Interest close at 4 pm, Friday 26 July 2019
Family Name:
Title: Miss/Ms/Mrs/Mr/Other (please specify)
Given Name/s:
Campus: Cairns/Townsville/Singapore/Other
Program of Study / Academic Qualifications (please use abbreviations e.g. BCom, PhD):
1. JCU Student
2. JCU Student
Candidates must provide a response (min 250–max 800 words) addressing items 1 3 below for becoming a
Postgraduate / Undergraduate Student Representative on the Academic Board (cross out that which does not apply).
Supporting documents – A Curriculum Vitae (CV) is required.
Letters of support, Awards and Certificates are not necessary and will not be considered as part of the EOI selection
1. Please indicate what contribution you would make to the Academic Board.
2. Please give details of any relevant involvement or experience you may have for example on boards,
committees, clubs, societies or community groups.
3. Please provide any other information in support of your expression of interest, for example, any
other personal skills you would bring to the Academic Board.
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The responsibility for ascertaining that a nomination has been received by the Secretariat lies with the person submitting
the nomination. All nominations that are received by the Secretariat will be acknowledged. If you have not received an
acknowledgement then you are advised to contact the Secretariat on 4781 4256, prior to the deadline for the close of
nominations to ascertain whether your nomination has been received.
Signature of Applicant:
Email to: mail to:
Mail to: Mr Ian Troupe, Secretary to the Academic Board
EOI – Academic Board Membership – Appointed Postgraduate / Undergraduate
Secretariat, James Cook University, Townsville Qld 4811
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