The mission of the Oxnard College Foundation is to provide support for campus development, student scholarships, educational programs, and
other college needs in order to promote the progressive and continuing advancement of Oxnard College, to further educational excellence, and to
enable the college to serve as an exemplary multi-cultural community resource.
Student Disbursement Form
Osher Initiative for California Community College Students
Avelina Villalobos Memorial Scholarship
Deadline to claim Scholarship Funding is the last day of each awarded semester.
All unclaimed funds revert back to OCF.
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( Date ) (VCCCD 900#)
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(Last Name) (First) (Middle Initial)
(Current Street Address) (City, State) (Zip)
(Phone Number) (Email Address)
Please mark on the amount you qualify below:
Fall 2019
Spring 2020
Please mark on the amount you qualify below:
$600 Full-time (12 units or more at Oxnard College)
$450 Part-time (9 to 11 units at Oxnard College)
$300 Part-time (6 to 8 units at Oxnard College)
Required Attachments:
Current Student Schedule/Bill showing CA Promise Grant/Board of Governor’s Fee
Waiver (BOGW) and current enrollment status at Oxnard College
Unofficial Transcript showing completed 24 or more “degree applicable” units and
minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5
Your disbursement will be mailed to address above; therefore, please allow 14 days for processing.
ce U
se Only
Amount: $______________________________ _______________________________________________________ ______________________
Connie Owens, OCF Representative Date
Check #:
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