1 | S t u d e n t C l u b C h a r t e r P a c k e t
Student Club Charter Packet
In order to charter a new club, you must complete the following and submit the charter
packet to the Office of Student Activities & Campus Life. Please complete the following
Complete a Club Chartering Packet:
o Provide information about club officers
Complete the club petition page.
Officers must be currently enrolled students at Berkeley City
Possess a 2.0 cumulative GPA or better.
All clubs must identify at least a President, Vice President,
Secretary, and Treasurer.
o Clubs are required to have one club advisor:
Only BCC employees can serve as an advisor.
Students are encouraged to identify advisors who will be actively
involved in supporting the club and attend club activities and
o Submit Club Constitution:
A new constitution should be submitted when changes are made to
the constitution.
2 | S t u d e n t C l u b C h a r t e r P a c k e t
General Club Information
o Student clubs are subsidiary organizations of the ASBCC that serve and
represent the campus community and enrich experiences of the students
o Official recognition from Peralta Community College District.
o Use of BCC facilities for activities, meetings, and advertising.
o Access to ASBCC funding.
o Keep an updated roster.
o Maintain a club adviser.
o Keep agendas and minutes for the meetings.
o Attend all ICC meetings.
o Host the 2 required events per semester.
Club Adviser
o Must be a faculty/staff member.
o Provide overall guidance and support.
o Attend meetings and events if possible.
This procedure applies for both ICC meeting absences and noncompliance with
ASBCC rules
o Offence 1 = warning
o Offence 2 = probation
o Offence 3 = ASBCC Judicial Council holds a hearing to determine whether
the club will lose its charter.
3 | S t u d e n t C l u b C h a r t e r P a c k e t
Club Name: _______________________________________
Fall 2019
Spring 2020
Purpose Statement:
You may summarize Article II from your club constitution.
Club Classification:
Civic/Political Literary/Artistic Other
Student Interest:
Get names and student ID numbers of 10 students who are interested in the club.
Student ID
Student ID
4 | S t u d e n t C l u b C h a r t e r P a c k e t
List of Officers
Student ID#
Vice President
Note: All clubs must have 4 officers who must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA.
Meeting Day(s) and Time(s)
After you submit your packet with your proposed meeting day(s) and time(s), the Office
of Student Activities and Campus Life will contact you to assist you in identifying a room
for your meetings.
5 | S t u d e n t C l u b C h a r t e r P a c k e t
BCC Student Club Agreement
As a representative of the student club during the academic semester, I request to
organize within the Associated Students of Berkeley City College (ASBCC) in
accordance with general club information. I understand that if this club is found in
violation of the ASBCC Legal Code or campus and district policies, its charter may be
revoked, or it may lose privileges as determined by the ASBCC senate.
BCC Student Club Advisor Agreement
I certify that I am a faculty/staff member at Berkeley City College and agree to act as the
adviser for the student club during the academic semester indicated above, provided
that the Associated Students of Berkeley City College (ASBCC) Senate approves this
charter request. I understand my responsibilities include advising the club’s
communication, effectiveness, and personal growth. In my role, I agree to bear full
responsibility of the club’s activities and liabilities.
In agreeing to serve as an advisor for this club, I agree to contact the Director of
Student Activities & Campus Life if I have any challenges or concerns.
Club Advisor Information
Advisor Name
Advisor Signature
Office Number
6 | S t u d e n t C l u b C h a r t e r P a c k e t
Club President Contact Information
Student ID #:
Phone #:
Club E-mail:
Note: The contact e-mail will be made public so that people can contact the club.
Editable Constitution Template can be found at:
***************** OFFICE USE ONLY *****************
Charter Packet Complete Date Submitted:
Director of Student Activities & Campus Life: Date:
ASBCC Vice President of Programs: Date: