Southwestern Michigan College Financial Aid Office:
Student Budget Planning Worksheet
NAME: ____________________________ STUDENT ID: N00__________________ PHONE#__________________
Checklist for NEW SMC Loan
Complete a FAFSA and any additional requirements.
Entrance Counseling via
Master Promissory Note via
Schedule In-person loan Counseling. Call 269.783.2143 to
set-up appointment.
Complete sections on back of this worksheet and bring
with you to in-person loan counseling.
Checklist for RETURNING SMC Loan
Complete a FAFSA for correct academic year and any
additional requirements.
Obtain current loan debt from Inceptia and complete fields
Complete ALL sections of this worksheet and return to
financial aid office in person, email (
or fax 269.783.2114.
Inceptia is a company that SMC has partnered with to provide you with FREE assistance on your Federal student loan obligations.
Please fill out your previous federal loan information to help us better advise you.
Obtain Your Current Loan Debt Information
Go to (Inceptia)
Login using your last name, Last 4 digits of your
social security number, date of birth.
Click on “Download PDF of Loan Summary Letter”
Total current federal loan amount: ____________
Name of your loan servicer: __________________
*Your average monthly payment: _____________
*Based on current loan balance
Important Additional Loan
______ - I understand that to remain eligible for a loan, I
must remain enrolled in at least 6 credit hours or my 6-month
grace period will begin and repayment will start at the end of
that grace period.
______ - I understand that a single semester loan will have
two disbursement dates and I may not receive my refund
until the later of the two dates if the first disbursement only
pays a portion of my remaining charges.
______ - I understand that there is an annual and aggregate
loan limit that I can receive in Direct Loans.
Total Financial Aid Awards:
To review your available financial aid, log into SMC Wired. Click the down arrow on the “Student Resources” tab and select “Bill and
Payment Center, then click “View Activity”. This will show what you receive for the current semester, you can duplicate this
information for Semester 2.
Semester 1 Semester 2
Pell Grant: ________________ _________________
Other Grants (TIP, FSEOG, Etc.): ________________ _________________
SMC Scholarships: ________________ _________________
Other Scholarships: ________________ _________________
Personal Funds (Savings): ________________ _________________ Box 1 Total
Total Financial Aid: ________________
+ _________________ = $____________
Use Semester 1/Semester 2 as how you intend to enroll for the year (For example: Fall/Spring OR Spring/Summer). Most awards are
split between 2 semesters.
Total Institutional Costs:
To complete this section, go to the “Bill and Payment Center” under the “Student Resources” tab in your SMC Wired account. If you
do not have a registration bill, you can use estimates from the tuition chart available online at
. You will
need to estimate the cost of semester 2 if you plan on enrolling
Semester 1 Semester 2
Tuition and Fees: ________________ _______________
On Campus Housing: ________________ _______________
Books & Supplies**: ________________ _______________
Other Educational Expenses*: ________________ _______________ Box 2 Total
Total Semester Costs: ________________
+ _______________ = $_______________
*Eligible educational expenses may include room and board, transportation, personal expenses.
**Go to and enter your student ID and select term.
TOTAL COSTS (Box 2) _______ - TOTAL AID (Box 1) _________ = ________ (Loan Amount Requesting)
Remember: A one semester loan will have two disbursements for each semester. Note: you may not receive a
disbursement on the first disbursement date if the portion of the disbursed loan does not create a credit balance on
your account after your loan has been applied to your charges.
I understand that my loan amounts during an academic year are based on grade level, financial need, costs of
attendance, whether you are considered dependent or independent. You may not be eligible for the amount that you
requested above based on this information.
STUDENT SIGNATURE: ___________________________________ DATE: ______________________ Updated 4/2019
For Financial Aid Office Use Only:
Loan Amount Requested for Sub: ________________ Unsub: _______________
Semester: ______________ Staff Initials: __________ Student Initials: __________
Orig #1: Sub: Fall_______ Spr_______ Summer______ Unsub: Fall_______ Spr_______ Summer______
Orig #2: Sub: Fall_______ Spr_______ Summer______ Unsub: Fall_______ Spr_______ Summer______