Late Class Entry:
Student and Teacher Agreement
to Make Up Missed Work
Student Name: ____________________________________________
Banner ID: ______________________________________
Semester/Year: _____________________
Please read before registering for a class that has already met!
Dyersburg State Community College is very concerned about student success. Being
absent during the first days of class will mean that important class work is missed. This
missed class work may sometimes be completed by closely working with your instructor
and completing missed assignments.
The purpose of this plan is to help students who want to enroll late in a class to be as
successful as possible. Please read and sign this agreement:
According to Dyersburg State's attendance policy, which is stated in the catalog, the
student is responsible for making up any missed work and for getting the information
presented in the missed class. Based on my having been informed of this policy, I
agree to make up the missed work in the following course: Course title
section number , which meets on these days and times: .
I understand that I may be required to attend tutoring for this course. If so, I will use the
Student Success Center, Student Support Services or plans approved by my instructor.
I agree to follow the instructions described below.
The instructor-approved plan is as follows:
Student Signature: Date: _________________________
Instructor Signature: Date: ________________________
(To the student: Please return completed form to the Office of Records).
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