Student Ambassador Application
Student Ambassadors are a group of students who are committed to serving as emissaries for the
college. By joining and becoming a Student Ambassador, students are demonstrating their willingness to
share Cerro Coso’s goals and vision with College visitors, new students, and the community.
Participation in this program is an opportunity for current Cerro Coso students to show pride in their
school, while making an impact on the lives of individuals who are planning for a college education.
Being a Student Ambassador is a challenging and rewarding educational opportunity with a truly
positive and memorable experience.
Students must:
Have a high level of commitment to Cerro Coso Community College
Have and maintain a grade point average of 2.50 and maintain part-time enrollment in a
minimum of 6 units
Demonstrate leadership skills
Demonstrate effective communication skills
Have an outgoing personality and professional appearance
Be available for a face-to-face 30 minute interview and attend monthly meetings as agreed upon
Benefits of being a student ambassador:
These are paid positions in which payment will take place at the end of each month. Additional benefits
Opportunity to further develop leadership skills
Extracurricular activities to report on college and scholarship applications
Development of skills that will transfer to other employment opportunities
Full Name
Student ID
Phone Number
Work Number
State, Zip code
Graduation High School
High School Graduation Year
Anticipated graduation year from CCCC
Cumulative GPA
Field of Study/Major
Student Ambassador Application
1. Why did you choose to attend Cerro Coso?
2. In your opinion, what are the positive aspects of attending Cerro Coso?
What are the challenges?
3. Why do you want to be a Student Ambassador?
4. What strengths/attributes/talents do you possess that would contribute to your effectiveness as a
Student Ambassador?
5. Please list extracurricular activities in which you have participated?
6. What responsibilities or time commitments other than school do you anticipate in the coming
academic semester/year? (i.e. work, athletics, clubs/organization participation, etc.)
_______________________________________________ ___________________
Student Ambassador Application
7. List your two most recent work or volunteer experiences:
Company Name
Common College events that Student Ambassadors will be asked to participate in are:
Representing Cerro Coso at community and on-campus events
Accompanying recruitment personnel on high school visits
Leading campus tours
Assisting with new student orientations.
Participating on student discussion panels
Working a Cerro Coso information table at special campus or community events.
Speaking to groups regarding items of special interest to Cerro Coso
Participating in focus groups around campus
Participating in mass media projects, allowing the college and the PIO office to interview,
photograph, or videotape you for a variety of different marketing strategies
I am aware that if selected, I will be involved in Student Ambassador Activities for approximately 3-5
hours per week, will be required to attend a workshop and weekly meetings, complete minimal online
work before the workshop, and maintain a 2.50 GPA. In completing this application I have taken into
consideration my class load, study load, along with family and work obligations.
Student Signature: _________________________________ Date: _________________________
Please submit your application to Katie Bachman, Director, Outreach Services, at the Student Activities
Office (Main Building, Student Center) or electronically to
To be completed by the Director of Outreach Services
Accepted: Yes No
Director of Outreach Services Date
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