Streutker Scholarship
The completed application packet must be submitted to one of the locations listed below by March 15, 2019.
Incomplete Application Packets will not be accepted. The packet will be reviewed by a committee comprised of STEM
Faculty, Counselor, Financial Aid Advisor, and School Dean.
Enrolled in at least 6 unit during the Spring 19 semester
Grade point average of 3.0 overall
MESA student
Application Packet must include:
Streutker Scholarship Application with confirmation of MESA Student status
Unofficial transcript confirming: grade point average eligibility
Submit application packet to one of the following locations by March 15, 2019:
School of Mathematics and Science Office, Math Building, Room 1, Palm Desert
MESA Center, MSTC building, Room 146, Palm Desert
Counseling Office, Cravens Student Services Center (CSSC), Palm Desert
Counseling Office, Indio Campus
Please attach this cover sheet to your packet with the following information:
Name Social Security
ess City
State Zip Email
Date of Birth
Home Phone Cell Phone
Current Overall GPA Major
Confirmation of MESA Student Status:
MESA Director or ISA: Print Name